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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Tales of Arise Officially announced! New beginning for the Tales series

Tales of VGC.

"Play the role between the choice of 2 protagonists in an endless fight about the lifespan of this thread"

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Hiku said:
Xxain said:

Uuumm .. if you remove these 2 post this tread is only at 26 post and it was made 14 hours ago. Its E3 for cryin out lound. Very slow this year. Currently, the thread is just have a bunch users saying shallow comments like, "Wow, looks pretty". Gotta take it beyond that and on VGC that means we need something to debate. Your being logical about the order of sequence. I'm not; It was simply just a comment to get us past the "looks great" post and actually talking about the trailer/game. 

The thread was created on 10 June 2019 at 01:50.
On 10 June 2019 at 02:20, you wrote "Did anybody else feel like some of the scenes did not support mutiple party members?" 

That is 30 minutes after the thread was created. 

You know no one is going to believe that you were trying to save a thread from dying 30 minutes after it was posted.
Nor that you proposed a non-existent issue to discuss, when it contradicts what we see in the trailer, and you could have picked any other subject.

You'd rather people see that you make up these unbelievable stories, than admit that you made a simple mistake?

While I'm personally not bothered by it this time, keep in mind we have rules against arguing for the sake of arguing just to avoid admitting something. It's considered trolling, and it's something we are focusing on more as of late.

If that's a habit of yours then you should rethink that in the future, because it can easily get you in trouble.

Have you seen seen how slow this site has been moving during E3? Have you seen this site in general? I don't have to wait an hour or 2 or 3 after thread is created to know that if we don't have a discussion about something the tread will die. There is no mistakes! None! It's not about being wrong or right but something to DISCUSS. 

Bristow9091 said:
It's so... pretty! I need to hurry up and play Zestiria, Berseria and Vesperia Definitive before this comes out, because if I play this game first I imagine it'll ruin all previous games for me based on graphics alone, lol :P

Me too.

I've never got to beat a tales of game

God bless You.

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