Forums - Movies Discussion - What's your favorite MCU movie, and why?

Favorite sub-series?

Iron Man 1 3.23%
Thor 2 6.45%
Captain America 7 22.58%
Avengers 11 35.48%
Guardians of the Galaxy 7 22.58%
Ant-Man 0 0.00%
Other (1-film long) 3 9.68%
chakkra said:
SammyGiireal said:
Logan...Greatest superhero movie....ever...I actually cried in that.

Even though it is not an MCU movie, I totally agree with you that is is in fact one of the best superhero movies ever. I was SOOO disappointed that Huge and Sir Patrick were not even nominated for their respective performances along with a Best Picture nomination that year.

Indeed that was one if not their greatest performance in the X-Men films. The movie actually went to places Superhero movies rarely go to.

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Guardians of the galaxy, cant wait for the third installment and I'm really hoping Thor has joined them.

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I honestly haven't seen one that I like.

If the X-men films are to count, then it will be Logan followed by First Class and the two Deadpools.

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Jumpin said:
I honestly haven't seen one that I like.

This explains a lot.