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Ganoncrotch said:
Jaicee said:
Ganoncrotch elaborated on his first-hand knowledge of herpes:

Well.... it doesn't come from absolutely nowhere, I'm starting to learn the places where it comes from and how likely the person is to have it!

Every day is a learning experience ! :D

Words can't express how much I appreciate your sharing this with me.

You're incredibly welcome! Also ... Off topic but is everyone else's "around the network" thing just articles to get people to check out how sexy kid actors from the 80s are? It's getting creepy.


Those terrible Zergnet links are the same for everybody. Although if you're a supporter they are removed from threads, they remain in news stories and articles.

Chinese food for breakfast


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Welcome back. A good games list, but it's missing some great Nintendo games :p


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RolStoppable said:
mZuzek said:

Yes, that was also not nice.

Women don't like me, hence the hostility.

Maybe women don't like you because of your personality (: Wasn't really "hostile" by the way. 

There goes my last fuck 

cycycychris said:
Welcome back. A good games list, but it's missing some great Nintendo games :p

I'm disloyal! There were three Metroid games on my list though. 

I really don't know who you are but it's always great to have people around! I recently came back myself :)

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Elvis? Is Elvis back?

Hunting Season is done...

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