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Forums - Gaming Discussion - FFXIV Shadowbringers New Job Actions & Reworks

I'm rushing to increase my level for the next expansion, besides that I am very excited for the next event that is based on nier automata. ^ - ^

Oh, I'm play as a Ninja on server bahamut.

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I skipped through all dialogues on ARR and HW as I already got past it a couple years back on the PS4, and just beat Shinryu(MSQ) on Stormblood yesterday, now I'm wondering if what benefits can I get from Eureka if I have iLvl380 Gear(a random kindhearted person just gave me the whole set 3 days ago, bless his/her soul), after watching some videos on it I got stressed out listening to them and had no clue as to what to do actually.

@Pinkie_pie I'm on Atomos as a Bard, if you want you can add me, name's Kaz Renji.


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