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Forums - Gaming Discussion - A Plague Tale: Innocence - One Of Gaming's Finest Hours

John2290 said:
I've been playing this basically all day on and off and while I wouldn't call it ome of gamings finest moments it is certainly very good and really enjoyable, it doesn't do gameplay as well as Hellblade but also makes up for almost every other shortcoming of Hellblade with a sense of scope and variety, better prrsentation, more options (particularly like the french with subs but I started in english so sticking with that), it avoids the rule of threes that hellblade fell into, at least where I am, does good bosses.

Basically feels better than Hellbalde in almost everyway apart from that binaural audio and the sword counter combat. There is no way I would be able to play hellbalde for 10 hours on and off for maybe half thaf time accounting for breaks. I had to spread it like butter over the course of two weeks and even then it was a month before I finally went back to finish it I got so bored. This is just so much better and I'm glad I seen dipped into this thread as I was basically about to write this off in fabour of rage 2, glad I didn't as my favourite podcast lads just came out and said this was better.

With the above said it does fall short of greatness but with expectations in check it can fall on the side of great, just not greatness. This last 12 months seems to have everythig falling short though, even rockstars flagship fell short. Apart from Sekerio near everthing since GoW that isn't an indie seems to have fallen short on one thing or another, even the great games. Possibly an effect of GoW setting such a high bar for quality in all aspects.

Still, seems I'm half way there on chapters and hopefully it won't suddenly fall apart negating what I said above

I say its gameplay is considerably ahead of Hellblade’s and the overall package is quite great. It doesn’t need God of War’s polish to reach that. ^_^

So, the title of the thread remains accurate for me because it delivered what it promised (it didn’t over promise). A solid foundation that is likely to birth a high quality, high marked sequel.


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HylianSwordsman said:
COKTOE said:
I just found out about this game yesterday, here, on VGC, from a CGI post, in a thread that I can't remember. Then Jim Sterling referenced it in his Rage 2 Jimpressions. Color me interested.

Dunno if you saw it, but Jim has since done a Jimpressions video for A Plague Tale. He fucking loves the game, and the way he talks about it has gotten me interested too. Looks like the sort of midtier, not quite AAA, but still decidedly not indie title that we used to get all the time back in the day but don't really anymore, the kind that added tons of hidden gems to old console's libraries and is sorely missing now.

I did see the video, but thank you anyways. Actually watched just over half because I didn't want to to see too much in advance. I found

the rats exploding up through the Earth a bit weird

, but it's video games, so whadrugondo? :) Maybe it's explained more in the game.

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