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You should listen to anyone who said Okami.

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drbunnig said:
You should listen to anyone who said Okami.

Okami is a great game! Already conquered it on the PS2

"If new things are so great, where have they been the whole time?"

John2290 said:
Dust: And elysian tail.

I bought this and sunk a few hours into it. The graphics and art really reeled me in, but the game play and combat was very underwhelming. 

"If new things are so great, where have they been the whole time?"

mZuzek said:
drbunnig said:
You should listen to anyone who said Okami.

I know I didn't say it, but it's my favorite game ever, so if you've never played it, well... do. The Switch version is hands down the best, too.

Aye, touch screen controls are a dream. Deffo worth the double dip.

Without thinking too hard:

Salt n Sanctuary
Kitana Zero
FF 7-12
Bloodstained Curse of the Moon
Phantasy Star
Legend of Wizard
Romancing Saga 2

Blaster Master Zero

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Binding of Isaac.

Difficult roguelike dungeon crawler. As you play, you unlock more items/characters/enemies/levels/bosses and the game just grows. Item synergy is the greatest draw for me e.g laser tears + homing tears = homing laser tears of death. Use a cheat sheet like this while you play, as synergies can work against you as well and ruin an entire run with one bad pickup.

Hollow Knight - Best metroidvania game ever made! The art is all hand drawn and fantastic. There are over 40 bosses. The game just goes on and on and on. And I mean that in a good way. Any other developer would have split it up into two games. There's that much content in it. The platforming and combat is excellent as well. Later levels rival Super Meat Boy in their platforming shenanigans. 

Into the Breach - A tactical game ala Advance Wars, or Fire Emblem. Except you are fighting giant bugs, and piloting a team a 3 mechs. This is grid based combat at it's absolute best! The rogue-like elements make it endlessly replayable. There are several teams of mechs as well as different pilots to try out. Each mech team has a theme, like fire, smoke, or throwing bugs. The game is perfect for the Switch, because a single game lasts only about 2-3 hours. The challenge is to beat the game with each mech team. 

Stardew Valley - A fantastic farming sim, fishing sim, life sim, and action dungeon crawler. This game combines the best elements of minecraft, animal crossing, and harvest moon. 

Enter the Gungeon  - Take it away Dunkey!

Like others, I’ll definitely suggest Hollow Knight and since you played Octopath, Final Fantasy X is worth the replay.

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You ever play Steamworld Heist? I'm playing 2nd time on Steam right now. Played and beat it on 3DS awhile back. If you like Turn Based Strategy then you'll like it. Sort of like Worms.