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Forums - Music Discussion - What's Your Favorite Music Format?


What's Your Favorite Music Format?

Online Streaming 16 34.78%
CDs 13 28.26%
MP3 13 28.26%
Vinyl Records 2 4.35%
Cassette Tapes 0 0%
8-Track 0 0%
Other 2 4.35%

Convenience is king so I'm all about streaming. Quite happy with Spotify here.

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CrazyGamer2017 said:
S.Peelman said:
Vinyl is easily the best thing regarding listening quality, though obviously it’s not really the most convenient. Streaming for convenience and out-of-the-house listening; vinyl for if I really want to sit down for music. Radio in the car because my car isn’t advanced enough for anything else, besides CDs but that sucks.

I've heard this before but I've never understood that claim that vinyl is superior quality-wise. How is something going Scrrrshshhhhshhhhh... in the background considered superior sound? Also it's stereo sound at best (mono very often) so how is that better than clean surround multi-speaker 24-bit, DTS etc, sound that can be produced with digital recordings?

If you hear that you need to change your needle or clean your record.


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Streaming. It used to be CDs. I used to have a huge CD collection, but now I just have YouTube playlists.

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Streaming, its just so damn easy

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My preferred format is CDs.  It's the right balance of audio quality and convenience.  I used to be under the impression that vinyl was better quality than CDs, but several audiophiles have told me that they are basically equivalent in quality.  Basically vinyl is analogue and CD is digital, but those are the two high quality formats and the other formats are lower quality.  Anyway, I most listen to CDs in my car and they sound fantastic, and I also like having a physical music collection.

At home I also listen to music on Youtube a lot.

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CrazyGamer2017 said:
xl-klaudkil said:
Never paid for music.
Use Spotify

Well, isn't Spotify a paying service? At least I think it is.

Spotify has both a free and a paid version.

On PC, there isn't much of a difference between Spotify Free and a paid subscription, except that you get ads. I find Spotify Free more convenient than Youtube, because everything is nicely sorted on the artist's page, and playlists are more manageable.

On mobile on the other hand, Spotify Free completely sucks. You can't just listen to a song, you can only listen on shuffle mode. So if you're on mobile, Youtube is a lot better than Spotify Free. However, Spotify Premium on mobile has a big advantage over Youtube: you can listen to music even when your phone is locked or when you're using other apps. That's why a lot of people do subscribe to Spotify Premium.


but i have vinyl collection :)


Amazon Music streaming. Easier way to find all the music I want.

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I just bought more CDs, in a store, EDM mixes in particular. Ironically a lot of the mixes consist of vinyl recordings. Uncompressed vinyl sound lol. I do still have some digital music saved on my ps3, Neowave trance mixes that aren't available in physical format on this side of the world. MP3 vinyl recordings.