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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony: PS5 not due out before April 2020

Pemalite said:
HollyGamer said:

No, some insider said Sony 7nm chip will be available in Q3 2020

The chips design is pretty much done and dusted at this point for the most part. Just some Q's and T's that need to be done... They do need to do additional QC testing and ramp up production and stockpile components and build out the software ecosystem and work with developers.

Sony advertising the fact it won't be out by 2020 though does give Microsoft a window to beat them to the punch, one reason why the Xbox 360 did so well is because it had such a large window of the entire market to itself, allowing it to gain a foothold.

In saying that... Microsoft and Sony derive their consoles from the same PC technological hardware base (AMD), so they are both stuck to the same technological timeline issues (I.E. Chip development) as each other... If we get an Xbox Two this year, it will be very interesting.

It's done indeed, but it's not available to mass produce until Q3 2020. 

Well Microsoft will have benefit from early release no doubt,  but it will make all Xbox One X adopter disappointed, also if Microsoft  using AMD Navi 20 lite and Zen 2 as well, they will comes at the same time frame as PS5. Navi 10 itself will probably going to be release on the summer and Navi 20 next year. 

PS5 will probably will have navi 20 lite along with Xbox Next , so probably we will ended up seeing the same pattern like with PS4 and Xbox One when it was released. 

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mutantsushi said: Sony might be pure evil but I don't think they are dumb enough to commit securities fraud by misrepresenting financial statement like that.

well no of course not. I dont see an early launch happening for a variety of reasons, I suppose you can add this to that. 

The Last of Us Part 2 not due out before April 2020.

Right, seems like we're back on track for a traditional mid-November release.

I'm calling it at November 13th or 20th.

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HollyGamer said:
Ka-pi96 said:
1st April 2020 it is then! :O

No, some insider said Sony 7nm chip will be available in Q3 2020

Well, with AMD tech launched this year, I consider a very good result that versions reliable and cheap enough for consoles will be available then.
Sony and MS gave AMD a lot of money and surely saved it, but that money, while precious, surely isn't enough to make AMD a fast and unstoppable giant like Intel, current results are very good in absolute and excellent if viewed in context and taking into account a competitor very powerful and that like NVidia wasn't defeated by competitors in console market, but just by its own greed.

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Well, the idea that this generation will be "significantly shorter than last generation" is out the window.
It'll be 7 years in November 2020 if that's when it launches. I figured there was a good chance of at least 7 years, with the mid gen refresh systems, and the overall success of PS4.

Is it possible that Sony will make a full PlayStation 5 reveal at E3 2020 for a later 2020 release?

That's what I'm thinking for now.

Alex_The_Hedgehog said:
Is it possible that Sony will make a full PlayStation 5 reveal at E3 2020 for a later 2020 release?

That's what I'm thinking for now.

That's very possible.

They can also announce it just after E3 at their own event, like PS Experience but in July.

There was no way it was happening any sooner. I don't think Microsoft will be out sooner either. I feel like we'll know by E3. If Microsoft announces their next gen at this E3, they'll tell us the date. If they don't, it'll be fall 2020, near the PS5. What'll be interesting is what the announcement of a date for the successor will do to the momentum of PS4 sales.

BraLoD said:
April 5th.

It points for a holiday release as always, then.
Mid year launch would be strange, either it was March to boost FY or it was holidays.
PS5 not happening at all this year tho.
TLoU 2 confirmed to be 2020 early year big game, IMO.
GoT might be cross-gen.
PS4 still has a lot of life in it, 120M+ sales confirmed.

Death Stranding, GoT, and TLoU2 will probably all either be crossgen or quickly get PS5 remastered editions.