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Pemalite said:
HollyGamer said:

It's done indeed, but it's not available to mass produce until Q3 2020. 

Well Microsoft will have benefit from early release no doubt,  but it will make all Xbox One X adopter disappointed, also if Microsoft  using AMD Navi 20 lite and Zen 2 as well, they will comes at the same time frame as PS5. Navi 10 itself will probably going to be release on the summer and Navi 20 next year. 

PS5 will probably will have navi 20 lite along with Xbox Next , so probably we will ended up seeing the same pattern like with PS4 and Xbox One when it was released. 

Mass production will happen before Q3 of 2020. They need to stockpile and shift components.
Some fabs will only do about 10,000-40,000 wafers a month... Often less on newer nodes like 7nm. - And each wafer you will get about 250~ chips per 300mm wafer.... And that is only if all the chips are usable.

So it will take time to build up millions of units for the launch window.

Well, considering that neither MS nor Sony will buy chips in small shipments at a time, but in quite big ones, that rumour about AMD ready to deliver Sony the chips in Q3 2020 isn't necessarily wrong, as it could simply mean not that production will start then, but that then they'll be able to regularly ship the quantities Sony needs. 

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