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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Apex Legends losing momentum

Apparently Apex Legends isn't doing too hot lately as the momentum it rapidly gained since its launch has been deflating nearly at the same pace. It mainly has to do with several factors, one being the game not being as frequently updated as Fortnite.

Without the excitement of fresh content, players are losing interest in Apex Legends. Fortnite, which remains the undisputed leader in the battle royale genre, is the perfect counter example to Apex Legends slow-and-steady strategy.

Epic updates Fortnite every week. A new weapon or item comes to the game at least every other patch, along with new game modes, and points of interest on the map. In patch v8.30, Epic added an entire respawn feature to the game, the new Fly Explosives game mode, and the Buccaneer Bounty event, all just a week after a new weapon was introduced. It’s a breakneck pace, but it’s designed to always give players something new to do in the game. Compared to Fortnite, Apex Legend’s pace feels glacial.

I think they're on a difficult position, but it's way too early to call it a loss. This is the time where Respawn has to think how to keep its loyal fanbase. I like the game and its characters, but it lacks motivation and will to keep playing. The rewards are uninspired, just like some of the skins offered on the season pass. I'm guessing they're still trying to figure out the battle royale thing, but they should offer better stuff fast.

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Yep, I've stopped playing it. They need to add way more content and way quicker.

I guess they need to beat Fortnite's 70 hour work week to stay in the game...

Respawn has already said they have no intention to match FN pace and that's fine. No need to overwork employees.

I still play it daily, despite having 100% trophies, new content would be nice though.

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Nothing can match Fortnite. Fortnite will be Battle Royale's peak!

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think-man said:
I still play it daily, despite having 100% trophies, new content would be nice though.

Same. Just passed level 55 on the battle pass.

There's another character on the way. There was supposed to be 2 in season 1. I expect news soon and a release within a couple of weeks.

Jranation said:
Nothing can match Fortnite. Fortnite will be Battle Royale's peak!

Something will come along and knock it off its perch eventually. It just won't be Apex. It did look like it was a chance too for the first month or so but has ran out of steam.

A bit insensitive to praise Fortnite's frequent updates so much considering at what cost they come. It takes some serious shit to make EA look like the good guy in a story.

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Do updates really keep people playing? I've watched people play Fortnite and wonder how they can stay playing it so much when it changes so much and the core gameplay may be ditched week to week. BR games are wearing thin on me, I enjoy them with friends but don't play them on my own. Apex is no different. I'd say out of the ones I've played I prefer Apex due to the characters and their abilities but I've mostly played Blackout because of my brother who plays nothing but.

Haven't played Apex for a little while though, this isn't to do with Apex, it to do with not having anyone to play with or playing more single player games instead (thinking of giving Horizon another play through).

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