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Forums - Sony Discussion - Days Gone Opencritic 72 Metacritic 72


Predict the score!

95+ 3 3.26%
90 to 94 3 3.26%
85 to 89 22 23.91%
80 to 84 25 27.17%
75 to 79 14 15.22%
70 to 74 21 22.83%
65 to 69 3 3.26%
65 or lower 1 1.09%

Edit: Nevermind.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

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Really enjoying it.

The only issues/things that could do with fixing

1. Some FPS drops
2. Audio at times doesn't work, Loud Deacon, WHY IS HE SO SHOUTY.
3. When you fast travel, I don't like the fact he's off his bike outside camp, I have to get on the bike and ride in... some AC3 levels of fast travel :(
4.More Missions at the same time, from the same camp. Now if this was just fast travel in normal games I wouldn't mind, but obviously when you fast travel then you have to go get more fuel etc... so I understand why they spread the missions out, but it doesn't work as I would have liked.
5. Levelling up seems a little unbalanced... and it seems to take ages to level up a camp, but that maybe because I am playing on easy (Yeah I know :D

The hordea are still scary as hell, but I've killed 3 smaller ones (of about 20-80) so far... dont know if I will be able to handle the stress of a big horde... we shall see :D. Played the game for at least 6-7 hours this weekend (probably more), cannot wait to play more.

Want to get 100% but not sure if playing on easy will prevent it in one play through.

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It must just be me, but I like these mindless shooting games. Crackdown 3 got average reviews, but I enjoy it for what it is. Oh well. I prefer games to be stupid fun over cinematic experience. 

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Almost done with the game and for me it is at least a 80. What really hurt the game is that it takes around 10 to 15 hours to really get good and the performance issues gets in the way. Overall though,it is better than 72. I am hoping for days gone 2 and I am gonna have high expectations from it. Working on the platinum trophies.

platin trophy = 1 Days Gone-Theme and 1 Days Gone-Avatar for free.

interesting is: Three Weeks at the Top of the UK, Swiss and New Zealand Charts for Days Gone. Maybe Japan too ?!

Game of the Year 2020: Ghost of Tsushima, Persona 5 Royal or The Last of Us 2 ?!

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John2290 said:

Finally finished my normal save this evening and enjoyed it so, so much. I played the first half of the game twice, once on Hard mode and then on normal and it was just as enjoyable the second time around because if he great gameplay loop that one falls into but I have to say one thing, the second two third of the game is so, so much better than the first third, after 5 ish hours on normal mod (15ish on hard) it starts to ramp up and doesn't stop getting better until the end with the odd pacing hitch now and then and really hits it's stride around 15- 25 hours in dependig on difficulty level but as long as one isn't rushing it it is near perfect pacing for the most part. It feels really down to earth and I loved that, it's refreshing for an open world game, their is no rags to riches, massive world ending stakes, it's like a journey through few weeks of Deacons life two years after society crumbles. The hoards are just amazing and easily the best part of the game next to it's addicting loop, often felt bad for killing them after some story beats, esspically the "newta" which I won't spoil. I still hold it to an 8/10 with most of the points still holding true and it would be an easy 9 if they fixed the performance, tidied a few things up, increased stunted progression and knee capped systems from the start, shortened loading among a few others. The game never stops opening up too well into end game and even new content continues after the credits roll with new unlocks ontop of the stuff you may have missed. 

Not every game needs to be a narrative masterpiece to be sometjing that will hook you and lend you joy, not that this doesn't tell an enjoyable story, it is well above serviceable and often touching and gets emotional reactions it is tryong to evoke thanks to the incredible main cast. After Sekerio (10/10) and REmake2 (9/10), Days gone takes third place for me in 2019 and will probanly be my second platinum because I still have a stong itch to play, still makes a good stretch ahead of Ace combat 7 and Metro Exodus, the latter two I would reckon are solid 7's and the remainder of my top 5 when counting The messanger ps4 as a 2018 release. 

Still can't believe reviewers were giving this 5's, or 3's, even the 6's make no sense albiet a little more understandable. It is an anomoly , I am sure had political motivatiosn to some extent with all the right wing stuff said in the game (it is really heavy and even goes into some strong evangelical territory, reviews do not take that stuff kindly as seen with Far cry 5 and unlike that game there is no comic relief to offset it here) and has reminded me not to trust aggregates and gaming media outside of the fun of it. 

Thanks for the mini-review. Sounds like a combination of technical issues, and a right wing leaning story kept it from getting higher. I'll either pick it up when it goes on sale, or as soon as I finish Atelier Rorona Plus. Consider it spot #3 in my current backlog. 

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John2290 said:
10 gig patch today, this is male it or break it time. If it's a roll back like 1.07 then pretty sure this game will never be fixed but if it improves even a little on 1.08 it might just make the game an 9 in my eyes.

Wow these patches are big lol, how much does the game take up on your HDD after this one? o.O

John2290 said:
Bristow9091 said:

Wow these patches are big lol, how much does the game take up on your HDD after this one? o.O

67 gigs, so the same it was when I downloaded it at release. Odd. 

Very odd indeed... I wonder if it deletes previous patch data when downloading new ones

Performance has been really spotty over the weekend for me (since the last patch).

Game is awesome though, really enjoying it. Its at least an 8/10 for me so far, and I can't wait to get back to it (but cant right now)... It's amazing how a few games with the same types of tasks (Farcry, Rage and Days gone) and Days gone is so much more interesting to play.

For version 2, focus more on the hoardes and AI related stuff, and have a big city in the game.. add more survival aspects.. this could be the start of something truly great. You can see elements of it that are very interesting... they just need to have a console with more power I think to push it forward.

Making an indie game : Dead of Day!

Tried a few of the downloadable extras. The surviving a Swarm mode was fun, but you have so few healing options that you die easily. The bike challenge is broken, because it doesn't tell you where to go next. IMO these extras don't really change the game all that much.

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