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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS5 Price Point


How much would you be willing to pay with the PS5?

350 3 6.38%
400 8 17.02%
450 1 2.13%
500 26 55.32%
550 2 4.26%
600 4 8.51%
650 0 0%
700 0 0%
750+ 3 6.38%

I would be willing to spend around £500-£600 on a PS5, as we all know it's coming I've already started to save up for it, people seem to have no problem sinking £1300+ into an iPhone xs max which will be outdated within 12 months, we all know consoles in general last 6 years minimum before the need to replace, I would be willing to pay more if it meant getting better specs, what would you be willing to pay? 

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There is already a thread about this

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£400 is my max for a new console.

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I would be willing to pay 599 if the spec is good.

There is a thread for it.

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John2290 said:
Also, people get phones on contract. I would not have paid a grand for my phone, if it wasn't 99 euro on my phone and internet contract I would not have it. If I had not had need of the contract, I'd do with my 20 euro secondary phone modeled after the Nokia 3210 and my thumbs and eyes would be thankful for it. No normal bloke or lass is spending anywhere near 1k on a phone and likely the majority of people manage a contract for a free phone and take the hit for a slightly more outdated or mid tier handset.

Maybe that's the way forward, contract consoles if you can't buy outright

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You may spend that much, the majority of the British public will not. Same silly phone comparison, one is done on contracts giving the illusion that they are not paying that much in an instant situation. Secondly phone are shamefully needed more than a games console, they compliment work etc as well as keeping in complete communication to those who matter.

In that respect, MS are clever enough to offer two models. (Assuming it's true)

I think the sweetspot for the next gen in terms of power/features vs costs will be 500€/$, which is also the most I'm willing to pay.

How much I am willing to pay, and how much I hope it cost are vastly different.

I personally would have no problem paying well over $1,000 for a console. Now obviously that is well out of the norm. That would be if Sony or Microsoft was willing to put out a truly premium model that offered the absolute best in tech at the time. This would not be the entry level device.

As for what I think Sony should charge. I believe that $499.99 is the sweet spot for PS5 if they are only going to offer one model at launch. If they offer a 1080p model and a 4K model, then I think $399.99 & $599.99 would be reasonable.

My hope is that we can see the console space grow to offer more options next gen. As the generation progresses, I would like to see more revisions like PS4 Pro and XBO X. My hope is that we will get a revision at 5nm by 2022 or 2023, and another revision to 3nm by 2025 or 2026. Eventually I think having models focused on 2K, 4K, and 8K would be awesome. At that point the prices could be something like, $299.99, $499.99, and $799.99.

I also like the idea of selling consoles on a subscription. Something that ties to PS Now, PS+, PS Vue, XBLG, or Game Pass. This is not something I think should be pursued at launch, but maybe by the 2nd or 3rd holiday. Make it an offer directly on the Console Store front, and make it extremely simple for the consumer. I believe this could help expand the console market by eliminating the impact of the initial purchase.

I just look at someone with a 8K TV looking at $799.99 for an 8K PS5 vs. $34.99 a month for 24 months for an 8K PS5 & PS+, and think they will be much more enticed by that $34.99 a month. Knowing how people think about phone bills vs. buying a phone straight up, I have had many people tell me they have no problem paying $300+ a month for their family phone plan, but can not justify dropping $1,000 on a brand new phone out right.

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With it's leaked specs it should be $600 which would still be sold at a loss.

But according to the leak they're going to take a huge loss on sales so I reckon $500. They make more money from their services than ever so the ever existing console model of selling at a loss making it back with games/services will be even more powerful.

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$300. I'll never spend more than that on a console. So I'll definitely be waiting 2-4 years for it to hit that price after its launch. 

That said I might not even get the PS5 since I don't play my PS4 much. I still play my PS3 and PS2 more. I'm at the point where I much prefer PC and Handhelds.