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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The PS4 Won The Console Generation By Being Boring: Can The PS5 Do The Same?

d21lewis said:

I don't know what the mythical "X factor" is. All I know is that I got a PS2 within the first few months and, up until Christmas 2001, all I had to play were NBA Street (I hated sortss games), Red Faction (I hated FPSs), Zone of the Enders and The Bouncer.

Aside from that, the pickings were slim. I rented Onimusha and beat it in a day. Time and time again, I went to the store and came home empty handed. If I didn't have a Dreamcast, I might have died that year.

The PS2 went on to become the best selling console, ever.

Just goes to show that there are a ton of factors that decide what wins for the gen.


Couldnt agree more. Good Games help but not are necessary. You can actually win a console generation without having the best games. 

The PS2 did the exact same thing the PS4 did, they kept it simple and ironically enough,  the PS2 also went up against poor competition in the DreamCast which was also pushing innovation and change. The PS2 stayed closer to its PS1 causin and played it safe.