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Forums - Music Discussion - What's your least favourite genre of music?


What's your least favourite genre of music?

Pop 2 5.41%
Rock 0 0%
Metal 5 13.51%
Hip-hop/rap 11 29.73%
Dance/EDM 3 8.11%
Country 13 35.14%
Jazz 1 2.70%
Classical 1 2.70%
Other 1 2.70%

Which genre(s) of music do you dislike the most, and why? Or, what are some specific subgenres you don't like?

And which songs in that genre are the least or most tolerable?

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Dubstep. I refuse to believe this genre is made for actual listening pleasure

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hmm, I can listen to pretty much anything. I guess I would say Pop "songs" that fail to be catchy. Pop that isn't catchy is a just plain stupid and pointless.

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Mumble rap

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Mumble rap. Shame on Future for starting that garbage.

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Anything that's out of my comfort zone


Metal & Hard Rock

All I ever hear in most rap songs are "Yo yo, drive by, bitches be on crack, let's kill some cops, fo shizzle!".

I fucking hate rap. -_-

Out of these ones, I can't stand country.