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Forums - Music Discussion - What's your least favourite genre of music?


What's your least favourite genre of music?

Pop 2 5.41%
Rock 0 0%
Metal 5 13.51%
Hip-hop/rap 11 29.73%
Dance/EDM 3 8.11%
Country 13 35.14%
Jazz 1 2.70%
Classical 1 2.70%
Other 1 2.70%

There are so many great choices in there, but in the end I had to go with my favorite: Country Music. There may have been a time when it was tolerable, but that ship sailed around '92, and more likely '85.

I'd like to give a close second to Death Metal, but it doesn't really specify Death Metal in the Metal category. I'm ok with thrash metal, hair metal, and anything that doesn't sound too much like cookie monster.

I do believe you had one more poll option to use and I'm surprised that Indie wasn't included. Of course, that would have been my actual favorite favorite genre, so its omission I consider a stroke of genius and not a mistake. Well played.

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Country. The music just seems so uninspiring. However Old Town Road is a bop

I guess its a sub genre, but death metal is just the worst for me.

MasonADC said:
Country. The music just seems so uninspiring. However Old Town Road is a bop

The fact that it samples Nine Inch Nails still baffles me.

Country is annoying as hell for me and I just can't get into it. There's few to none when it comes to Country songs I can tolerate. Most of the time it makes me wanna scream.

You completely forgot to include Punk or Alternative which was a smart move as that genre is the best!

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Rock and metal are my favorite. Pop and country are my least favorites (though there are some pop and country songs that I like, they are mainly older stuff when I was a teen that sparks up nostalgia).

John2290 said:
The genre where they scream and mention suicide and dark shit every second lyric. There is a bleed over of that music that I like, some bands at least but generally I find it sickening and depressing.

It's called emo.

Rap is my least favourite, but there are a few songs I can listen to and tolerate. I LOVE rock, metal, and electronic/retro wave type of music 

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Classical. It's just pure trash.

I love everything except country, certain types of metal and certain types of hip hop.

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