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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS5 Confirmed Backward Compatibility

DonFerrari said:
fordy said:

I'm surprised that you deleted the comment that I responded to, which was treating SSD "like Optane"...

Opatane is NOT NAND; It's 3D Xpoint.

Not only is Optane faster, when used as a HDD cache, it contains vastly different caching methods compared to SSHDs to make use of the magnitudes greater TBW compared to NAND. That is why Optane can achieve speeds much greater than SSHDs. Caching via SSD is NOT done "like Optane".

Please do your research before arguing your point.

I didn't delete anything. Perhaps you don't pay attention, but VGC autodelets trees due to people in the past forgetting to trim their quote trees.

None of what you replied to was written by me.

Uh huh..just like this post demonstrates that a post branch can contain more than one level.

Regardless, the point is that your post was irrelevant to the reply that was given to the poster that I was replying to.

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