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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Should video games play themselves (easy mode for Sekerio?)


Should games like Sekerio have an easy mode?

Yes. 15 35.71%
No. 25 59.52%
Unsure. 0 0%
Other/comments. 2 4.76%

Most of those games are RPGs, I'm playing The Surge right now and at first I died early on in the first area, I now am walking through that area slaughtering everything because I leveled up myself and my items. Same goes for Bloodborne, first area is only hard when you start, it's nothing by like 3 hours into the game with a better weapon and gear and once used to the mechanics of the game. In the end the games aren't hard just punishing if you make mistakes.

Begs the question of whether I've ever played a 'hard game'. CoD 4 on Veteran is hard as you die in a split second from nowhere, so I just kinda didn't bother with it, yet I completed Dragon Age Inqusition on Nightmare with relative ease (class setup helps).

Hmm, pie.

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Simply put, designers/devs are much responsible for the said "difficulty" of a game then even the difficulty setting itself. It can sometimes deteriorate or enhance an experience by the removal or padded challenge. I usually prefer to play the intended experience the devs want us to. Although, if it's possible for them to make the game easier or harder in an organic way without aliening the main experience just for the sake of bigger or lesser difficulty (Ex: The Arena/True Arena in Kirby games are modes seperated from the main story always considered "easy" and are mostly considered the most difficult part of the Kirby experience imposing a legit challenge to any players.) then go for it, but I'll always be going for the normal difficulty setting :P

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But going for your OP let's say, yes make option for games to play themselves, people can watch Youtube let's play so let games buy a game and it play itself for you to watch.

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There is already an easy mode in the Souls games, it's called "New Game"

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
There is already an easy mode in the Souls games, it's called "New Game"

yea, I thought about making that joke, but I'd prefer "every Souls game starts in it's easiest mode by default"

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Some games have a fantastic story, onto which the gameplay is actually more of a hindrance sometimes, espeically for those who just want to enjoy the story.

Some devs have caught up on this and included a Story difficulty mode, where the gameplay is so easy you often actually have to go out of your way to loose. This allows people to enjoy the story without having to worry meeting any roadblocks along the way. This is especially useful if you want to just relive the story after you played through the game, or if you're bad at something in the game which otherwise stops you in your track, or if a combat is buggy.

However, in games without heavy story, I would suggest doing it like Nintendo: giving an option to make a passage extremely easy, with the tradeoff of never being able to max out your score/stats/what have you in that passage ever again unless deleting everything and starting from scratch.

Games that play themselves....movies? I think part of game design is the art of setting a proper difficulty for a game. So I think games should be played at the difficultly that developers intended.

FromSoftware is the opposite of easy mode. I believe they are the Godfathers of 'git gud?'

I think a lot of people are saying this about Sekiro specifically because parrying took the place of dodging as the main damage-avoiding mechanic, compared to Souls games. And a lot of people didn't notice it, or insisted in ignoring game mechanics you were specifically told to use by the tutorial. But it's not particularly harder than the Souls games. Honestly, it's their most acessible yet.






Hum no way sekiro is easier than dark souls , you are out of your fucking mind. Sekiro have way harder bosses, Almost  all of them need a diferent tactic, the bosses have Parry also making it even harder to damage, it takes more time to kill them and more time = more mistakes. AND the second rate bosses are most of the time as harder as the main onesnd they are so many. Needs amazing reflexes and timing. Dark souls = Patience  and study. Sekiro is Patience, skill, reflexes, timing and nerves of steel. and i love every minute of ir, fuck these imbeciles that call themselfs  jornalists, sick of these motherfuckers , these leeches of gaming industry. And fuck snake eyes, yes fuck you.