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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Should video games play themselves (easy mode for Sekerio?)


Should games like Sekerio have an easy mode?

Yes. 15 35.71%
No. 25 59.52%
Unsure. 0 0%
Other/comments. 2 4.76%
KLAMarine said:
It's NEVER a bad thing to have more options.

Depends on who you're asking.

If you told Picasso to straighten out the eyes in one of his Cubism portraits to make it easier for the viewer to understand what they are seeing, I am sure he'd be offended.

I can't speak for From Software, but I believe there's a reason that after 4 Souls games, Bloodborne, and now Sekiro they've yet to cave in and make an easy mode. They simply don't want to, because it's not what they envisioned as the experience they intended players to have. There's still plenty of variety what with the different playstyles, weapons (& attachments), and leveling systems, but their design is lauded for a reason. Its tightness gives it a certain feel all its own, and I doubt they want to give that up even if it means excluding some consumers.

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John2290 said:
Ka-pi96 said:
Yes, definitely! I love that I can just simulate in games like FM and ROTK and just let the AI play each other. Especially useful after playing around with the editors a bit to see what kind of effect that has in the long term. Something that would take far too long if I had to play it all myself.


Football Manager & Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

I played Rayman legends, and to me that game is truly difficult and quite impossible. I did the logical thing and never played it again. I think if Rayman can be as hard as it is, then Sekiro or Souls games should retain its difficulty. It is just a different game for different people.

To me this always comes down to two points:

- If it doesn't have easy mode then it retains that 'hard style' game that what it's known for to make it what it is...
- If it does have easy mode then more could jump in thus gaining more fans and more sales because these 'hard style' games can be the only thing to prevent more sales.

Keep in mind I play these games just fine and have no problem with the difficultly, but personally, I think it should have an easy mode. Honestly, any real fan shouldn't care because when does having multiple difficulties in a game really affect your game buying decision? Do these fans get a kick out of it and feel proud that they can play a harder game that others can't? Bottomline, my opinion, it should have an easy mode because we'd get more people playing and it's not like it would stop us from playing/buying the game anyways if it did have an easy mode.

However....!!!! The real bottomline is, it's all up to the developer. If the dev wants to be known for making these harder games, to stand out differently, and whether they care about sales or appealing to the mass, its all up to them and good for them to sticking to their guns. If they dont want to give an easy mode, then that hard way is what the dev intends for the gamers to play it.

So tough luck!... (but wouldn't mind if they had easy mode lol)

Just wanted to add for random, that anybody that grew up with Nintendo can understand how difficult games can be, boy they did not know how to program difficulty levels during that era lol So really we're moreso okay with these hard Souls type games cause we grew up with hard games in general hehe Dont forget less forgiving as well, barely any save spots, some games you can make it near the end but die and have to start at the very beginning. Do games even say "Game Over" anymore? because games these days are never over with the constant saving options they implement in games these days. Back then seeing the "Game Over" screen legit was game over and start from the beginning again lol

I knew this would be a thread from John when I saw it spelled as "Sekerio" in the title. :P

But to answer the question, I generally prefer games to be on the more difficult side of the spectrum, and I prefer when they don't have different settings to choose from.

Skyrim, for example, allows you to change the difficulty and quick-save, even mid-battle, so (while I love Skyrim) I've never been satisfied with the difficulty of the experience. As a result, getting a new weapon doesn't feel rewarding, and there are no "difficult" boss fights, because the difficulty in Skyrim is based on a slider which scales up damage and health numbers.

When a game offers me options of "Easy", "Normal", or "Hard", my initial reaction is negative, as I would have liked for the developers to create an experience with a defined level of difficulty. This depends heavily on the game.

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Bofferbrauer2 said:

Some games have a fantastic story, onto which the gameplay is actually more of a hindrance sometimes, espeically for those who just want to enjoy the story.

Some devs have caught up on this and included a Story difficulty mode, where the gameplay is so easy you often actually have to go out of your way to loose. This allows people to enjoy the story without having to worry meeting any roadblocks along the way. This is especially useful if you want to just relive the story after you played through the game, or if you're bad at something in the game which otherwise stops you in your track, or if a combat is buggy.

However, in games without heavy story, I would suggest doing it like Nintendo: giving an option to make a passage extremely easy, with the tradeoff of never being able to max out your score/stats/what have you in that passage ever again unless deleting everything and starting from scratch.

Well, seems some understand the reason why others would answer with a yes. Games shouldn't be a classroom or feel like a chore. A game over is a bad thing and an easy way for a first timer to avoid them or avoid grinding/lengthy detours for a superweapon shouldn't be necessary. 

No, not play themselves, but make it unlikely to lose unless you willfully wish to lose. 

This is simply because some of us would like to enjoy an story that lasts more than two hours and a world where we feel our choices change things in some way than simply dying because we underleveled or didn't understand the battle system. There will be plenty of time to do so after the story has been done for. I start stories on easy for the story itself, then once the game ends, play again at higher difficulties to see how strong I can get, but I don't do the "git gud" bullshit. I want to play a game, not assemble a puzzle. 

I for one, am part of the group that brought up the console in TES games and toggled TGM on as soon as I was playing just to smite everything in my path during my very first playthrough. I even once genocided the whole world in the game! Well, I do think the difficulty was at some times just too low, but that's because difficulty levels shouldn't be arbitrary HP sliders and should actually involve AI changes. 

John2290 said:
SvennoJ said:
Yes, so I can play it while high and get real euphoria while experiencing the game.

I smoke weed or drink alcohol very rarely these days but I do take opiate painkillers at times and when I did I had to just set the game aside because my reactions are slowed so I can't imagine what it'd be like with alcohol but weed? Hmm  I guess it depends on the strain but this is the type of game where you would improve dramatically with some sativa. In the same way jiu jitsu fighters use weed to up their focus in that sport, where you would be more focused on the tells of and zeroed in on the game. At least that is how it worked for me when I used to smoke weed everyday with games like Wipout and COD4 multiplayer. I would play so much better while high. 

I think my biggest enemy whole playing Sekerio was passive runs at bosses where I would mindlessly fight while listening to YouTube or some shit and runs where I would be super frustrated from loosing so close to the end of a boss but now willing to give up. Weed would cure the later issue and make it easier to avoid putting on "background noise" like podcasts. 

But to each there own and at least you have a fair idea the game isn't targeted or tailored for you so you can avoid purchasing it, something the journalists who have to play tough games for their job don't want so they can review faster without difficulty walls. That is all this debate is at the end of the day. 

I feel more focused while driving high in GT Sport, however when I look at my lap times, they are 1 to 2 seconds slower than normal!
Elite Dangerous works very well as they only danger there is getting distracted from flipping back and forth to web sites while waiting for the ship to arrive at the next destination. While high you're too busy enjoying the pretty colors to flip back and forth :)

Journalists play tons of games for a living though. They need to be somewhat skilled players to do their job. It's fine they warn you when a game is hard as for new comers it would not be a good place to start.

Anyway sometimes it's fun to get high, temporarily set the difficulty to easy and enjoy the pretty colors before getting stuck in a loop lol.

Perhaps the biggest draw to playing a From Software game is the challenge. Putting in an easy mode is basically like removing the main feature of the game.

Not every game needs to be for every person. In fact it is impossible to make it this way. When you put an easy mode into a game that can attract one group and repel another. I am glad there are games out there with different difficulty settings. I am also glad that From Software doesn't make games like that.

No, but def a version that lets you remap button configs.

Never ever.
These games are all about overcoming a challenge and putting in an easy mode would kind of destroy its purpose,there are a lot of other publishers that cater to the broader audience with making everything more accessible but after some years that behaviour can turn a franchise into another modern Assasins creed so im happy fromsoft sticks with its own formula and their own vision that some like and other not,but good the gamingmarket is so big there is something for everyone to enjoy.