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Forums - Sports Discussion - 2019 NBA Postseason: The Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions!

Doesn't seem to be an issue for Steph and Draymond from the looks of it. Draymond hitting his shots is one thing, but when Steph is draining trick shots that are behind the back, off the dribble, 35 feet away from the basket... That's just not fair!!!

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Stephen Curry is now the NBA's All Time Postseason Leader in 3-point field goals.
He broke Ray Allen's old record while taking 20 less attempts and shooting at a higher percentage.

Go Spurs Go!

Anybody but the Warriors, kthxbye

Even though they lost the Clippers actually played pretty decent. Since they lost their first round pick for making the playoffs it would be nice if they at least would win one game against the Warriors.

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They should be able to win at least one. Steph likely won't get 38 points and 15 rebounds again, but Klay also likely won't go just 5 for 14 shooting again, so I guess the Splash Bros. will even out. Patrick Beverly seems to be getting under Durant's skin a bit though.

Respect, Coach Pop.

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Just give the trophy to the Warriors. What's the point in watching?

Finally, an Eastern Conference team wins on their home floor!

Well, that was no fun if you were a Pistons fan.