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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The cart limitations of the Switch is really starting to hurt the console.

its no good the cart sizes are too small even if you compress your lessening the game and its hardly got any space in internal memory, i think the only reason publishers are porting over is cashing in on switch success

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Its more to do with price than storage. The limitation of game cards can be bigger than Blu Ray.. they just cost alot more to produce.

Cobretti2 said:
gergroy said:
Better digital only than physical only... of course, I’m slightly biased... haven’t bought a physical game in almost a decade...

This is something I don't get. How do you manage all your digital downloads for when the online services eventually get shut down? you won't be able to download and reinstall the games again.

I have enough storage that I can download everything?  I have a 250 gig card in there now and it isn’t even half full... Nintendo games aren’t that big...  PS4 and Xbox I use external hard drives.  However, in my experience, I doubt I will actually need the ability to go back and play by the time the service gets cut, if it ever does.   I have barely touched my ps3,360, or Wii U in the last few years and everything before that I actually boxed up and they are all just sitting in my closet.  

V-r0cK said:
tripenfall said:

I saw some footage of Hellblade running on Switch and honestly it looks like a technical marvel. I'm very excited for the game but was slightly disappointed when I heard the game was digital only. The reason? The game is 18.2GB and unable to fit on the 16GB cart that Nintendo is currently offering. I'm aware that apparently FFX and X2 are releasing on a 32GB cart but the cart cost is 60% greater than the 16GB cart and it's hard to expect Ninja Theory to wear that cost for Hellblade.

The point is it's ironic that we have a hybrid console that seems to mainly be constrained by the size of the cart as opposed to the performance of the console. Sure, some games will never run on the Switch and the Switch isn't competing for that market but there are TONS of games that would be on the Switch if devs could fit it on physical media. GTA V anyone?

While I agree that digital distribution is the future in 2019 many devs will pass on the Switch if they can't have a physical version of their AAA on the shelves. Nintendo need to rectify this pronto. The Switch carts have a theoretical capacity of 64GB and this needs to be realized sooner rather than later - subsidized if need be but Nintendo need more 3rd party AAA games to be able to be ported and they need it now.


I thought FFX/X2 physical bundle was only going to have FFX on cart and FFX2 digital code? Can you confirm?

Jranation said:
I thought people are saying that we are entering the digital generation?

I think digital and physical will co-exist.  Digital is growing hard because there wasn't a huge market at first, but not strong enough to take over physical as there are still many that prefer physical as well. Doesn't help that Switch only has a 32gb storage either.

For some reason they're both on the card in Asia only with no download required, whereas the US version has FFX on the cart and X2 is a download. To my knowledge this is the first use of a 32GB Switch Card. 

dharh said:
Eh. Bleeding edge AAA non-nintendo content is not exactly what Switch was ever going to be known for in the first place. If you are a Switch exclusive owner then you don't care necessarily whether the content is on the Switch in the first place or whether it is a compressed lower res version. You bought it for Nintendo, because Nintendo.

If you want the higher res, best version of a AAA game that surpasses the limitations of what is currently possible with the Switch (cart size or otherwise) you buy a PS4 or XBONE. Does it perhaps tilt a _few_ peoples decisions in buying a PS4/XBONE first before buying a Switch? Maybe. But that ship sailed a while ago and there is virtually no turning back at this point. The Switch is going to do just fine and with a few more SKUs will do even better. I might even buy one eventually if the right SKU comes along.

If this was true we wouldn't have endless threads complaining about lack of support from third parties and port begging.

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tripenfall said:
V-r0cK said:

I thought FFX/X2 physical bundle was only going to have FFX on cart and FFX2 digital code? Can you confirm?

For some reason they're both on the card in Asia only with no download required, whereas the US version has FFX on the cart and X2 is a download. To my knowledge this is the first use of a 32GB Switch Card. 

Thanks for sharing! Well that really sucks for US versions then loll

Veknoid_Outcast said:
I appreciate this thoughtful thread, but I think it comes down to this: the games that would suffer from this card capacity limitation will not define the success or failure of Nintendo Switch.

Thats basically saying:

"Nintendo makes consoles for themselves and dont care about 3rd party."

But I agree, Nintendo sees themselves as software developers 1st, and dont honestly want too much competition on their hardware.
Its why they often times have "issue's" (eg. lack of CD drive, weaker hardware ect), they just dont care about the loss of 3rd party, and might secretly not want too much competition for their own games on their hardware.

Nintendo see's themselves as software developers that make hardware.
Sony see's themselves as hardware makers, that also make software.
Microsoft see's themselves as a service provider, that also makes hardware.

The 3 differ slightly with their approuch to consoles.

Cobretti2 said:
Barozi said:

Pre-rendered cutscenes?
I play a lot of games and I've noticed that nearly everything is real time nowadays.
Hellblade doesn't have any pre-rendered cutscenes FYI.

interesting, i didn't realise that they all did it on the fly. Thought it was still videos haha.

sometimes the video scenes seem better quality then the game lol, so assumed was all pre-rendered videos

They are in higher quality. The camera is locked in cutscenes and there's no need for AI so that frees up resources that can be used to push better graphics.
Most visible in close-ups of character models.

Some game will still have intro cutscenes that are pre-rendered but nearly everything else is real time. Most of the pre-rendered stuff looks worse than real time, simply for the fact that they have a fixed resolution and are always compressed in some way (some more than others). 720p videos can be found quite often in games that use pre-rendered videos and while that might be fine for base consoles, it will look pretty bad on PS4Pro and Xbox One X. Wouldn't happen with real time cutscenes as they will be rendered on the fly at the game's current resolution.

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melbye said:
I can sorta understand that SOME publishers don't want to invest in a 32GB cart because they are probably really expensive, i have a bigger problem with Capcom who couldn't even invest in 4GB cart for Mega Man Legacy Collection. But i absolutely refuse to buy physical editions that come with a code in the box

I prefer physical editions that come with a code in the box, if the cart is playable without the code.


More on topic with this thread: One example of a game that wouldn't fit uncompressed on the cheaper medium = "o noes the switch iz doomd!!"

Flash storage is drastically superior to discs for a variety of reasons. It is more expensive, yes, but it offers a tremendous performance increase. I do agree, in this day and age where you can buy 32GB SD cards in bulk for less than $5 ea (just based on the very first Google result I found) - a markup of less than a dollar from the cheapest 16GB price I found - that there's no reason it should be as expensive as you claim in the OP, but honestly I doubt it actually is as expensive as that, anyways.