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Forums - Sales Discussion - Putting Sony’s 4.2 million PSVR sales in context

My favorite VR device is the Wii. You don't even need the headset with that thing! Which is great because it means you can get your glass of ice tea without tripping over the wires!

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Mr Puggsly said:
d21lewis said:
Peripherals always limit potential because you have to own the original device and then be one of the few from that subset willing to purchase a secondary device. I applaud Sony for doing as well as they did with the PSVR, being a "day one" owner myself.

I'd like to see how other peripherals compare like Wii Fit Balance Board and Eye Toy (despite them being much much cheaper). Even when they sell extremely well, there's pretty much always a point where all support just disappears. That hasn't been the case with PSVR yet.

PSVR is benefitting from being a device that doesn't require games built specifically for it. Its just one of many VR devices.

Something like Kinect or Balanced Board primarily needed games designed for the hardware.

Yes, many people bought PSVR to play games that aren't aimed at VR.

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