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Do you have an issue with Pro's D-Pad?

Yes 10 32.26%
No 16 51.61%
What? 4 12.90%
I only play 3D 1 3.23%
V-r0cK said:

Sony's D-pads are the best hands down! The separation makes it most accurate of use and the best for fighting games when using a controller.

I have the Switch Pro controller and it works fine, not the best compared to Sony's but I dont really have any complaints with it.

I knew the Joycons dpad were completly underrated !! 

Btw, I largely prefer classic + dpad like the one on my 3DS or WiiU Pro controller. Also to be honest, you might have to be masochistic to like the Dpad arrowed on the DS4, never liked the way it clicked when you press it.

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twintail said:
pikashoe said:

Too bad Sony still can't make a decent controller.

I see the pettiness begins

I was partially joking with that statement, the ds4 is definitely an improvement over there past controllers but it still feels dated in design and its battery life is just not acceptable. It's weird because Sony Tends to be up to date or ahead of competitors with a lot of things but there controllers feel so far behind.

I'm gonna have to check but I think the last couple of Tetris games I purchased (Tetris Splash on 360 and Tetris for Vita) had the option to turn off the "hard drop". I could be wrong, though.

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If anything, as a Smash player I have issues with the L-stick. Both sticks on the Pro and Joy-Cons have some serious dust issues, and as a result I find myself constantly blowing into the stick because otherwise it's misinputs galore.

I have had some occasional issues trying to navigate Smash menus with the D-pad, but even those I think were caused by the L-stick screwing up. Never had a problem in Tetris 99.

See, my Pro controller is from a later batch, which has had the D-pad issues massively improved from the original release. So much for them "not doing a physical fix".

maybe I am getting old, but the controllers all play fine. They do have their minor differences but 20mins in, you don't really notice lol.



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Yeah. Not saying there are no issues whatsoever but I've owned tons and tons of consoles including every single Nintendo and Sony console ever. The only time I've had dpad issues were the N64, 360 and the Ouya. Every other first party controller ranged from good to great.

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The battery life of the ds4 isnt that bad. I usually get at least 20 hours of play per charge

Nintendo has had issue with direction controls since the N64 era (while having a fantastic d-pad, the durability issue on the analog stick was unforgivable). The Gamecube controller, while better durability, had a toyish analog stick on the left which actually lacked the general accuracy of the N64 one (play Zelda: Ocarina of Time, for a comparison)... and unfortunately similarly crappy quality carried through on other controllers - although, while feeling toyish, the accuracy seems to have improved a lot from the Cube controller. Speaking of the cube controller, the right analog stick was even MORE toyish; looked like something from fisher price. One of their handhelds (forget which one) and the cube controller also had very crappy d-pads, they were very small, almost mere decorations.

While a lot of the Wii and later stuff has been sufficient (not all of the Wii stuff was), I wish Nintendo would make all of their directional controls look and feel high quality. I'd pay extra for that.

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Better get the aftermarket controller for better designed d-pads, the first party d-pads are nearly useless for movements nowadays.

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I never had much issue with my switch d-pads. only d-pads I ever had huge issues with was the 360 d-pad