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What Do You Most Want to See Next from the Resident Evil Franchise?

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake 492 42.52%
Resident Evil 4 remake 128 11.06%
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard sequel 67 5.79%
Resident Evil 8 (new setting) 368 31.81%
Resident Evil: Revelations 3 42 3.63%
New spin-off title 20 1.73%
Other 40 3.46%

This week's front page poll. Following the release of Resident Evil 2 - what next do you personally want for the franchise? Another remake? A sequel to the last new entry? Or an entirely new mainline game? Or perhaps another spin-off?

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I want a new Light Gun shooter ! Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles were my jam back then (I'm about to play them soon too !)

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RE3 RE - like RE2R
RERev 3 - whatever they want

Where is my Code Veronica remake option?

My most wanted are Res 8 with a return to 3D camera, multiple playable characters (the old characters, not Ethan), and a nice mix of seriousness and over the topness; and a Code Veronica remake.

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Outbreak File #3!


Asked me a month ago I'd have said Re4 remake but I have now played the remaster and it held up very well. People across the internet have me interested in an re3 remake but since I don't know the source material I can judge if it is worthy so if it's a remake they are doing I'd play it safe and want them to do RE1 properly this time like they did Re2 but if it is Re3 on the table I'm fine with that too.

For the purpose of the poll though I have gotta say Re8 with all they have learned from rebooting Re2 and mix in that level of detail, mazelike design and puzzle work into something with the scope of Re4.


China Numba wan!!

Resident Evil 8 - new setting

and Resident Evil 3 Remake


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It needs a hip hop soundtrack. When zombies show up breaking windows I need some hip hop starting to play to know that shit got real.

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I think they should alternate between new games and remaking the older ones. Make RE8 next, then after that RE3 remake, and so on.

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