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Forums - Music Discussion - Post underappreciated videogame soundtracks.

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The title says it all, post soundtracks and/or tracks you think deserve more attention.

The soundtrack of this game is good, the more I hear it the better it becomes.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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The Wild 9 OST (1998) from Tommy Tallarico on the PS1 stuck with me. It wasn't the most popular game, ( VGC has it at 240k ) and the music is hq and catchy, so I'd say it fits the bill.

I loved an arcade game called Ninja Warriors (1988). Again, good, and not very well known, thus underappreciated feels like an appropriate distinction. Loved the first level music, but since it was quite difficult, and cost 4 quarters to play, I only played the first 2 levels. Can't vouch for the rest of it.  My favorite part comes at 3:25 when the techno music gets what I can only describe as an Asian infusion. What kind of Asian? I don't know! Let's go with Japanese, because ninjas.

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Mischief Makers, an OST I absolutely adore, is not only that most of its tracks have really good and catchy melodies, but the instrumentation is quite unique too, I really haven't listened to another game that sounds like MM.

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Terranigma has a load of great songs. This is a Brilliant Cover of the overworld theme-

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There are some good ones here, especially Terranigma is underrated. I have some other picks.

Lufia 2 ofcourse. Game isn't talked about much. Great soundtrack.

Romancing SaGa as a whole has a pretty good soundtracks as well

Plok by the genius Tim Follin:

This man could do wonders.

Shantae, especially Shantae and the Pirate's curse.

Here's the entire Soundtrack of Pirate's Curse:

And my favorite, Scuttle Town:

Tell me seriously if that doesn't make you wanna dance.

Also, Kudos for mixing Dubstep, Glitch Hop and Oriental music into one great soundtrack in practically each song.

Outcast, one of the most beautiful orchestrated game soundtracks:

Mirror‘ Edge Catalyst, 5 hours of great electronic music :