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Forums - Music Discussion - Post underappreciated videogame soundtracks.

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TheTitaniumNub said:

Um, Outward released not 5 days ago...I'd say, not much time for its soundtrack to become underappreciated. ;)

But, really good soundtrack and very enjoyable game, especially if played coop (which I do with my son in split-screen). Been waiting for it for quite some time, hits all the right spots for me.

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Batman and Journey to Silius, both developed by Sunsoft for the NES had some really sweet music:

ARamdomGamer said:

Mischief Makers, an OST I absolutely adore, is not only that most of its tracks have really good and catchy melodies, but the instrumentation is quite unique too, I really haven't listened to another game that sounds like MM.

Oh man, the nostalgia just from listening to these! An underappreciated soundtrack from an underappreciated game...

I think there are too many of these to list but I'll put up a few that I like and never hear much about, largely because the games were't very popular or are very old. There is a well known ost that I think is underappreciated and it's even from a well known franchise, FFX-2. It may not be normal FF style music, but I like quite a few tracks. Anyway, I guess I'll list the first few that come to mind.

Sunsoft generally had great NES music but I don't hear much mention of Gremlins 2 : The New Batch, well I hear it i the background of Jim Sterling videos sometimes so at least he has good taste.

Any Wild Arms game, but 3 is my favourite

I used to put Saturn CDs in my CD player and this was one of the regulars, pretty good music for a football game.

This was unreleased but finished and the rom is available, here is Tim Follin's only Mega Drive ost presented in the intended 50hz

Motoi Sakuraba is more well known for Dark Souls, the Tales of games, Star Ocean, Golden Sun and many other games, but early on in his video game ost career he worked on a little known Game Gear title, even on such primitive hardware you can still recognise his style.

Any Panzer Dragoon game has a great ost and almost nobody even knows the games exist, I think the first remains my favourite but since Orta is very close and includes the first game anyway, it must be the best!

I think this is a decent game, but the ost is pretty amazing

This game had a few ports but the Mega Drive version music was too good for the mediocre gameplay.

There are just to many, some others that come to my mind are Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (SNES), Skies of Arcadia (DC/GC), Gauntlet IV (Mega Drive), Darkwing Duck (NES), Zombies (Ate my Neighbours, SNES, not Megadrive though) Mega/Super Turrican (SNES/Megadrive) Sparkster+Rocket Knight (SNES/Megadrive), Pier Solar (any version), Plok (SNES), Virtua Fighter 2 (Saturn) and of course any Breath of Fire game.

Oh and Life of Pixel has some nice music styled around old consoles and computers of the past.

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Not sure if people are familiar with this or not.

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I'm not sure if this should count since it's a mix of in-house developed tracks and licensed songs, but since these songs are known almost entirely just because of this game I don't feel as if it's cheating. 

I'm playing Dead Rising and I'm surprised by how good the soundtrack is - besides the mall music being catchy I've never heard people praise this game for it's OST.

(granted I probably wouldn't listen to the latter if not for how hilarious it fits with this boss)

I haven't heard all of the songs yet unfortunately because most of the songs are used during Psychopath fights and those can be skipped/missed.

Most of the stuff by Noriyuki Asakura, my first love in composition.

Cops 2170 (also known as "The Power of Law") had very solid soundtrack, unfortunately the game was shit, so no one knows about it

Full OST:

End game track:

My favorite from this:

I also like Ufo: Aftermath

Lost Odyssey - Every always ignores this when they talk about Nobuo Uematsu. His Final Fantasy soundtracks are iconic and I'd rank it in around the top 5 of his work, I think it's that good

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