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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Let's hope Nintendo asks it's exclusive indie game developers to port on xbox since Microsoft is letting it's exclusive indie dev games on Switch

dx11332sega said:
Nautilus said:

Then go ahead and pay up for the porting process.

Thats what you dont get.MS is porting Cuphead over because he is going to get alot of money out of this and because they are exiting the console race and becoming a third party.

Nintendo has nothing to gain to pay for indie to port over games.And the indies themselves must want to port over.If they are not on the XOne by now, its simply because they think its not worth it.This has nothing to do with Nintendo.

You work for Microsoft ? you know they'll leave consoles and go 3rd party? I didn't know you worked there is this Microsoft plan ? If not your just assuming microsoft is leaving because there releasing there games on nintendo? Your're so mean to make a comment about console maker leaving the console space 

I dont work there, and Im not being mean.Im just especulating based on MS actions, and its pretty obvious.MS wants to be a service, not a console maker.They are still going to launch the Scarlet, but that will be it.And at the same time, they will start releasing their exclusive games on other platforms, like they are doing releasing Halo MCC on Steam and Cuphead on Switch(even if tecnically MS dosent own Cuphead).

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.