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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sekiro: Shadow die twice, holds strong at 90 on Opencritic based on 111 reviewers. GotY?

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Sekerio, Your Game of the year?

Yes. 10 20.00%
No. 21 42.00%
Maybe, unsure just yet. 12 24.00%
/indifferent/not played/other in comments. 7 14.00%

As expected of Miyazaki, another masterpiece!

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If this runs great on PC, I'll get it later today on Steam.


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I'm going to try to play it soon since I've been waiting for a AAA Feudal Japan game for so long, but I have a feeling it will be too difficult for me. If it is, at least there is still Ghost of Tsushima to look forward to. Hopefully Ubisoft finally does AC Japan soon too.

John2290 said:
shikamaru317 said:
I'm going to try to play it soon since I've been waiting for a AAA Feudal Japan game for so long, but I have a feeling it will be too difficult for me. If it is, at least there is still Ghost of Tsushima to look forward to. Hopefully Ubisoft finally does AC Japan soon too.

Ahem, Nioh, ahem. 

From what I saw of Nioh, it also looked really hard, too hard for me, it's why I skipped it. Sekiro looks easier from what I've seen thanks to stealth, so here's hoping I can beat it. 

Hmm.. the game doesnt interest me, regardless how good it scores.

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John2290 said:

This has more in common with PS2 ninja games than it does to souls. I don't agree with you about BB, I think BB and Ds3 were the refinement of the formula in two different directions and loved them both for it, beating both at least 7 times but I get what you are saying, they didn't reinvent the wheel and returned more to the Zelda formula of sequels with Ds3 as a soft reboot more than a direct sequel. I kinda liked that. 

The changes are pretty significant here indeed and I can't say you'll like it as you mentioned the RPG mechanics as your like for the series but that is all ripped out here for skill tree's and weapon skills, it's was at more old school that any recent AAA game I can think of.

Btw, Have you played Nioh?

What do you disagree with? Just my take on Bloodborne's quality in general? Because I don't think my sense of Bloodborne's direction (that it's going into a more action-oriented route than prior games) is controversial. Or do you mean the specific mechanics I mentioned? Because  of the mechanics I mentioned, I was positive about all of them except the lamp system (though I did say that stuff like weapon transformations should have been more complex). 

Dark Souls 3 is actually my favorite From Software title since the original Dark Souls, it's very good, and really I think Bloodborne most likely is as well. If I ever finish Bloodborne I'll probably like it a lot and put it above most games of the generation, but I'm at a point where whenever I start the game I just get bogged down in how disappointing it feels and how much I'm not into it. I expect a lot more than just a good game from From Software. The difference I suppose is that where Dark Souls 3 is a game that is a pretty amalgamation and refinement of the past Dark Souls games that is at times really bland and unoriginal, Bloodborne is a very-inspired game with a very narrow-scope and not enough refinement towards it's new sense of direction. I'm curious what your first Souls game was, or more specifically which one "got you into" the games. Not because it validates or invalidates your opinion, but because I can't see how someone can think Bloodborne is a refinement of the formula, especially because I don't think that was really it's purpose in general. It needed more refinement if anything, and I feel that if someone's favorite Souls title is Bloodborne, it's much more logical to embrace what it does differently than the other games instead of what it does better, because I don't think it does any of the mechanics from prior games better at all (especially when you take into context what those games are trying to do), it just does them differently. Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne actually have a pretty similar trajectory in a lot of ways, 3 is much more fast paced than prior Dark Souls titles and even rips a lot of the art design from Bloodborne. I guess the issue is that, Dark Souls 3 is very good as a middling game which walks the line between two extremes and has the refinement and content to back it up, whereas Bloodborne barely crosses into the action category with not a lot to support itself on.

If anything the problem I have with Bloodborne is that it doesn't go far enough, so I'm not sure why I would dislike Sekiro for forgoing RPG mechanics. That's much more refreshing and makes sense for an action title, and I even said I was fine with From Software forgoing diversity if it meant making a more cohesive experience, though it was a long comment and I'm sure that could be interpreted as talking about something else. I would like more games that have deliberate progression with a more hand-crafted experience really. I've heard you can unlock new combos which is pretty exciting and gives me DMC vibes. 

Yes, I've played Nioh. I've probably gotten farther in that than in Bloodborne, even if I spent more time with Bloodborne. It's a pretty neat game, I like that they took Souls combat and actually made it into a system that can stand on it's own (because really, if Souls-like titles are going to continue to focus so heavily on combat as to forget great world design or unique ideas, they need to adapt and make more advanced combat systems). Though, oddly enough, while the game has a good combat system, it's actual animations feel a lot worse and the feeling you get when wielding a weapon generally isn't as cathartic as it would be in a From Software title. 

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It's a shame to hear it's easier than Soulsborne, but the change of gameplay approach could be good. I think FromSoftware's output is overrated (still good, but not OMGWOWAMAZING! that most people seem to consider it), but I'll definitely get it at some point.

John2290 said:
Azzanation said:
Hmm.. the game doesnt interest me, regardless how good it scores.

FromSoft seem destined to be sidelined to a niche market even when they try and step out of it. Why aren't you interested if ya don't mind me asking?

I brought the Dark Souls games awhile back, Mainly for the difficultly and I did enjoy the games for the 1st few hours but I could not get into them after completely the 1st couple of bosses. I think there not made for my taste. A little on the slow and cheap death side for me with a very complicating story line and characters I cannot relate to or learn to like. 

I do enjoy FromSoftware gameplay elements, they have nice gameplay mechanics and a RPG system so there's nothing wrong with how they make there games. I guess it all comes under the fun factor for me. I don't really have a lot of fun with these types of games, they are incredibly rewarding but the stress levels and frustration outweigh the X factor for me.

I will say I have almost finished playing Ashen which I am absolutely loving at the moment, but I think its due to the art style, open world and its charm which makes me like it over the traditional Souls games plus it was cheap to purchase.

Lucky my cousin got the game, will be playing it in a couple minutes, almost done downloading.


Edit: Currently playing, I'm prepared for numerous 死.

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John2290 said:
RaptorChrist said:

Damn, 2 and a have years. What about buying it used so that Activision doesn't profit?

I was going to borrow my mates version but with the reviews I just can't wait. I look at it like this, this is a game I want Activision to publish so if it is a success we will get more SP games as well as the money being split with FromSoft which is a decent way to balance the Activsion evil. I'm still boycotting EA, Acti and Uni but if they publish SP games that turn out real well then it's something that should be supported... or perhaps I am just trying to justify it. Either way, I'm playing Sekerio at midnight.

Well the way I see it, you only live once (except in Sekiro, ironically), so you might as well play the games you want to play, even if it means giving money to a company you don't like.

Liking it so far? I play through these games at a snails pace. I played for about an hour and 15 minutes so far tonight and just reached the area after that opening tutorial (probably 15 minutes into the game for most folks). So far this game is absolutely in the vein of a Soulslike, but it is much more slimmed down. Personally, some of my favorite aspects of the Souls games are the progression systems and the variety of weapons and magicks, but It's too early for me to tell if this will stack up.

I can say that for me the opening area was pretty awesome, although performance-wise I'm hoping to see some things patched up. Draw distances are extremely low for foliage, and so there was a lot of pop-in with the environmental details that were really not more than a few seconds away from my character. Also, FromSoft seems to like putting this filter over the game that makes everything slightly blurred (hard to explain, but I noticed it in other Souls games as well).

TLDR; Sekiro is awesome so far. Wish I could stay up later and play more, but kids. Glad I used paid time off for tomorrow. Looking forward to this weekend. Praise the sun.