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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Microsoft plans to bring more ports to Switch this year, no plans for Xbox Live SDK on Switch just yet

This remember me the cancelled Halo project for NDS


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regardless of the title, more games for me to play on the go, always a good thing. Bring on the MCC and I'll need a new splatter proof screen protector lol.

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Ori would be amazing, the best Metroid Vania game i have ever played.
MS looks after Nintendo and Nintendo looks after MS with allowing Live for Minecraft and crossplay. This is how we want to see the industry grow.

Cerebralbore101 said:
Rare Replay. Bring Banjo Kazooie home!

This would be soooo amazing, I always wanted to play Banjo without the need to own an Xbox  or to emulate the game.

Ori and Rare replay seem like the obvious options, it will be interesting to see what they choose beyond those. Maybe Halo could come over eventually.


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It seems MS is using Nintendo as there portable device platform rather than making one for there own. Its a smart move. The switch is a great companion console and one that allows MS games the portability option.

bowserthedog said:
killeryoshis said:
I guess Microsoft sees the Switch as a Handheld and not a home console than. To Microsoft, the Switch is not stealing any customers from them so they see this as easy money.

I also see this all as a long term courting effort.  If the day ever comes where consoles are no more and everything is streaming they want Nintendo games on their service.

You mean as a back up plan?

The third party support for Switch is to a point even other platform holders are putting their games on it.

Wyrdness said:
The third party support for Switch is to a point even other platform holders are putting their games on it.

Don't expect Sony IPs on it though.

Lol, I remember it being weird when Sonic first appeared on a Nintendo console. At this rate they are going to get Master Chief too.