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Forums - General Discussion - "Leaving Neverland": Do you think Michael Jackson is Innocent?


Thriller and Invincible or Bad and Dangerous

Good guy, wrongly accused 55 51.89%
Talented Bad guy 28 26.42%
A little of both. 23 21.70%

I don't know the guy, how would I know?

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The only thing out of that Documentary that has me considering the idea that I should try to consider the possibility that MJ did not cool things is one of the guys has been in mental health therapy for coping with self hatred and refuses to speak to his mother(who is also in mental health therapy) for letting him stay at neverland unsupervised. That cant be faked for this long.

Wasnt there an FBI investigation on the guy for years, that found no conclusive evidence towards him? So yeah.

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Honestly before the documentary I was on the fence about MJ, afterwards and doing a bit of research on guys making the claim (who happen to being suing the estate for 100s of millions) I now believe he's innocent. The documentary was extremely one sided and if you were to only watch it and not do any further digging, its easy to fall prey to their compelling and graphic story.

There are so many holes in their story upon further research. One factoid that sticks out in my mind is Safechucks's mother claiming she was so happy when she learned MJ passed. "I was so glad he wouldnt be able to hurt anymore children". Um yeah MJ died in 2009, but Safechuck claims he didn't realize he was abused until 2013. Is she a time traveler?

I went in very skeptical. But by the end..I believe he really did this.

Other things have come out. Like Michael going with James to a jewelry store to buy rings. The pieces are falling into place. And to me, these two guys didn't come off as liars.

On a good note, this documentary will probably empower children who are going through this, and are afraid to speak out. There are far too many, and most of them are too afraid/ashamed to come forth. So in that aspect, this documentary is very good. And it's very well constructed as well. Seems legit.

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Kerotan said:
Wasn't proven guilty in court after an FBI investigation. I don't do trial by Netflix.

This. People are ready to hang a dead man from a one-sided "documentary" on HBO. Ignoring the fact that he was aquitted in 2005 and the parents of the first accuser in 1993 had no interest in pursuing a criminal case once they got a $20 million settlement. 

I haven't seen the documentary and don't plan to. My thoughts on the situation:

-From what I've heard, several of his recent accusers are people who defended him in court back in the early 2000's. So, either they are lying now, or they accepted money from Michael to lie in court back in the 2000's, which would make them just as bad of people as Michael in that case

-Even if he is guilty, the man is dead, calling for boycotts of his music and ending radio play of his music is just dumb. People need to learn to separate an artist's personal life from an artist's work, they are totally different things.

I haven't seen the documentary but my opinion on the matter is complicated.

He's not innocent...but he's not guilty either.

I'm fairly certain he did the things he's accused of, but I am also pretty sure that I remember reading a thing about how due to a chemical or hormonal imbalance he mentally never progressed into maturity so while his BODY was that of an adult, he remained childlike in his heart. So, from an outside perspective he's just a creepy pedophile, but to him it 'was just love' or that he was with his kin when he did those terrible things.

So yeah, he's not innocent, but he's not really 'guilty' either. The things he did was wrong but the explanation behind it alleviates much of the negative connotations that come with it. I can't prove it, but I do remember hearing that years ago and it made sense given everything I knew about his attitude and behaviour.

KLAMarine said:
Does the doc have any hard evidence?

Nope, just contradictions. They spend 5 years making up this whole plan but still couldn't get thileir story straight

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SKMBlake said:
KLAMarine said:
Does the doc have any hard evidence?

Nope, just contradictions. They spend 5 years making up this whole plan but still couldn't get thileir story straight

No hard evidence? Okay, just checking.