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Forums - General Discussion - How many times does your skin color changes through the year?


Does your skin change color sometimes?

Yes 8 42.11%
No 4 21.05%
What? 7 36.84%

Only when i'm under the sun for an extended amount of time

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I guess it depends on how often I go outside. If I'm not going outside much it's lighter than when I go out a lot.

My skin tone change continuously along the year from pale to red to tan than lose skin back to pale.

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Always brown,bit darker in summer.

Depends on how identify as each week. This week I identify as a black woman, which is quite a stark contrast to last week, where I identified as a Chinese toddler.

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I'm a professional Shapeshifter so it happens quite a lot.

one colour only



Not very often, but every year I get more and more pale. It's been happening since I moved to the UK.

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I'd say I go through three colors per year - standard white person, slightly tanned white person, nice tan white person, back to standard white person. I'm just now entering the slightly tanned white person phase. That'll last another six weeks or so.

Never. Imo it can just be the lighting. Some photos im darker while some im lighter

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