Forums - General Discussion - How many times does your skin color changes through the year?

Does your skin change color sometimes?

Yes 8 42.11%
No 4 21.05%
What? 7 36.84%

I think it changes 6 times a year?







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Only when i'm under the sun for an extended amount of time

Nothing to see here, move along

I would say never. Plus I stay out of the sun or put on a bunch of sun screen so not even red sometimes anymore.

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I guess it depends on how often I go outside. If I'm not going outside much it's lighter than when I go out a lot.

My skin tone change continuously along the year from pale to red to tan than lose skin back to pale.

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Always brown,bit darker in summer.

Depends on how identify as each week. This week I identify as a black woman, which is quite a stark contrast to last week, where I identified as a Chinese toddler.

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