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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Announces Maximus Cup Event for Tetris 99. Top 999 Players get 999 Gold Coin (~$10)

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So apparently they're just randomly selecting 999 people out of all players who have won at least one game during the event. Number of wins doesn't matter.

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After reading some of these replies, I guess I'm actually kind of decent at Tetris after all. I've come in 2nd a handful of times and finish top 10 every 5 games or so. But I still haven't won...until today! Picked a great time to nab my first win, during this Maximus Cup event. :)

I'll see if I can win again this weekend, but if Flilix is right all I need to do now is hope I'm one of those randomly selected.

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I can't get a win right now. All the best players seem to be out there :(


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