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Are You Looking Forward to E3 This Year?

Yes, can't wait! 496 38.30%
Yes, but less so than in previous years 375 28.96%
No, I'm not expecting it ... 363 28.03%
No, I never look forward to to E3 61 4.71%

Not particularly more or less than I usually do.
Though in the past few E3's I was hoping for, and somewhat expecting, Resident Evil 2 to be shown, since we knew it was in development for several years now.
There's nothing really like that any more that I'm expecting to see and that I'm excited about, so I guess my anticipation for E3 is a bit lower.

I'm mainly interested in 3rd party game showings, as per usual.
And that will probably mainly be during Microsoft's presentation this year.

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Moderately excited. This should be the first real peak into what next generation has to offer.


I wonder if that rumored Star Fox Grand Prix game is actually a thing, it could be revealed at E3.

Keybladewielder said:

I wonder if that rumored Star Fox Grand Prix game is actually a thing, it could be revealed at E3.

If it is, it will probably be a first half 2020 title. 

There's a chance that we'll see Metroid Prime 4 and Animal Crossing so my answer is helling fucking yeah!

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Still want to adapt to switch whenever they announce the switch light or s or ultra or something, so yeah im hoping on that.

No, not really. Over the years I've just been burnt out on promises made at E3, and with the recent crap with EGS, I can't feel any kind of hype for any game being shown at E3, because I know I'm likely to be dicked around via exclusivity reasons or some shady last minute deal or bad port job.

That and I'm really, really fed up of vertical slices, and games being ran on a hidden PC, that then gets downgraded anyway later on for said PC.


I'm a Nintendo course! Even the worst Nintendo E3s offer some great reasons to look forward to the holidays. And usually there isn't too long to wait for their offerings.

CaptainExplosion said:
Peh said:
Hoping for Valves VR games reveal.

That's supposed to be a thing?

It is since the leak and also since Valve confirmed to be working on 3 VR games. They did a lot of experiments the past years and seeing how the free game "The Lab" turned out on VR, I can see them going for something big. 

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Looking forward to Nintendo and Microsoft mainly. Nintendo to see of any new announcements and Microsofts to see what all their recently acquired studios will have to offer for xbox 2 and see if they're able to win me over with buying their system next gen. Sony not showing up doesnt really bother me after what they did last E3, its better this way for this year until PS5 rolls out. 

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