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Forums - Sony Discussion - Horizon Zero Dawn has sold well over 10 million!

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Great sales, congrats to everyone involved!

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Well deserved. One of the most beautiful game I've ever seen.

Awesome sales in general, but especially for a new IP! Have it myself, but haven’t played it yet...

That's awesome, a really strong milestone!

On a personal note, I got a PS4 last summer and the games Ive beat so far are God of War followed by Spider Man then Last of Us Remastered. About a week ago I tried Horizon and it really felt lackluster compared to those 3, I can tell it's a very well made game but I'm just having a hard time getting into it.

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The best new IP this gen I've played, well deserved!

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F yeah!! My favorite new IP this Gen, by far, and one of my favorite games ever. Such a wonderful game.

How many new exclusive new IP reach 10M on its first game? TLOU did it, the original Mario did it, Pokémon did it and Gran TURISMO maybe?. That's some impressive accomplishment.

Super hyped for the sequel on PS5.

This game is in my tight 5 for this console generation. The game had some a split critic rating because it launched right next to LOZ Breath of the Wilds. Very different games but happen to be in the same genre.

I always felt the game took a few things forward. Being able to craft ammunition on the fly was great. I loved the survival predator action used to take down baddies.

The world building was one of my favorite attributes. Sure, you had typical audio Holo logs but the collectibles fleshed out the world. Finding remnants of the old world got me excited. The light mystery of where the game takes place was also satisfying.

The story was some top notch SciFi for me. Never really dealt with a story quite like it. It's explaination of the new world and themes of what makes humanity is so intriguing to me. It's not your typical post Apocalypse drama.

For the inevitable sequel i hope for tighter melee combat. Like scaling a big mechanical beast and stabbing weakpoints like SOTC. Also would be interesting to get into water combat of some sort.




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I can't stop playing it.

Well done. Good show Playstation

God bless You.

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Random_Matt said:
Best game of the generation.

Sure the best technical achievement on Consoles, and my most favourite game together with GOW.

  Congrats GG, well deserved.   Can you only try to imagine what kind of marvel they are doing with the sequel on PS5 ??!! :D    I can't right now.

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Congrats, a solid open world title. Way better than I expected from GG. The $20 complete edition is a great value.

Hope they improve the NPCs and combat for next gen. Ditch the splurge of icons on the map too.