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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pick Your Gen 8 Starter!

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Which starter would you choose?

Grookey 19 25.33%
Sobble 27 36.00%
Scorbunny 25 33.33%
I can't decide yet! 4 5.33%

I'll be getting all three since I'll buy both versions and have two Switches in my house, but If I had to choose one I'd go with Scorbunny.

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Sobble probably, others look bad.


Sobble! Back to water starters again after the mistake that was the clown mermaid last gen. I just hope the final evo looks vicious. Like an apex predator.

Somehow i knew this was about Pokemon.


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Scorbunny for now. I somehow always went with fire starters.

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I like Sobble best, but I'll go with Grookey anyways because tradition.

I typically choose based on what their evolved forms look like. Sense we don't know that, I can't choose yet. I will say none of these base forms impress me.

Zoombael said:
Somehow i knew this was about Pokemon.


Congratulations! You’re in the right thread.

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mZuzek said:
HylianSwordsman said:

We've never had a normal starter, unless you count Eevee in PLGE, which I wouldn't. I could see Scorbunny having some kick related fighting moves at some point, but basing a fighting Pokemon around an athlete from a particular team sport would be weird, to me. That said, a normal starter would be immune to ghost but unable to affect them with half his moves, and have multiple weaknesses but no strengths. So I'm hoping it isn't normal either.

Normal having never happened before doesn't mean it can happen now. Gen 6 had a Psychic type one for example and that had never happened, gen 7 had a Ghost type one and it was also a new thing (also Fairy but that doesn't really count I guess). Also Scorbunny being Normal-type would just him him immunity to Ghost without any real drawbacks, you could still hit them with STAB Fire-type moves and obviously those are not going to be the only two types of moves on your moveset.

Oh definitely, yeah, it could absolutely happen. What I meant by that statement was actually that since it hadn't happened, that was an option for them, since fire/fighting was overused and wouldn't really make sense for an athlete. The latter half was me saying why I wouldn't want it, the first half was me saying why it would be interesting if they did. You make a good point that the immunity would effectively be one way due to his dual fire typing. It would be interesting then if Sobble was water/ghost to his fire/normal, making him extra weak to Sobble in that he'd be forced to use a move Sobble was resistant to if he wanted to do any damage. And since Grookie is speculated to be the starter with a fighting final evolution because of his stick (though that wouldn't make sense either since he's a croquet player) then he would have moves that were super effective against the fire starter, so that would make Scorbunny the objectively worst starter. Since Grookie would then not be able to use his fighting moves against Sobble, that would make Sobble the objectively best choice for a starter. At least when considering your rival's team, and for PVP purposes since so many people would have their starter on their team.