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MrWayne said:

Why are some people happy that melee got dropped? I think melee is one of the most exciting fighting games to watch so I'm sad it got dropped.

Several reasons. Melee is a logistical nightmare. It's the only game that requires CRTs and hardware approaching two decades old. The game often runs over, throwing off the schedule of the rest of the tournament. The Melee community to blunt, doesn't play well with others. They don't even get along with the rest of the Smash community. While there is crossover among the other fighting game scenes that generally leads to better community interactions. That isn't true for Melee. They are uncompromising and EVO probably got tired of bending over backwards for a community that rubs the rest of the scene the wrong way. EVO doens't need Melee and Melee doesn't need EVO. If they can't get along with everyone else, why bother with the headache.