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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokemon Sword and Shield coming late 2019 worldwide


It's happening folks. Gen 8 is upon us.

Last edited by RingoGaSuki - on 28 February 2019

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Just saw this on Facebook, everybody get aboard the hype train.

I knew it would happen before the end of February! Time to get hyped!

Just realised the new detective pikachu trailer is coming out today. They seem to be coordinating detective pikachu trailers with game releases and announcements. The first trailer released very close to when the let's go games came out. I'm expecting some big gen 8 news when the movie releases.

As I thought the would be but this is way earlier than I predicted.

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Pokemon 8th gen here we go. Please improve over US/UM and Let's Go, please improve over US/UM and Let's Go, please improve over US/UM and Let's Go...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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OH CRAP it's real!

Here we go bois

three pokeballs, three starters. thats not even subtle

LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO HYPED!

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7 minutes only so clearly an announcement video, we may not see anything of the game at all tbh but just get a name much like the Sun/Moon direct, rumours are claiming the setting is inspired by UK.