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Forums - General Discussion - Which Internet Browser Do You Use the Most?


Which Internet Browser Do You Use the Most?

Chrome 889 54.31%
Firefox 397 24.25%
Internet Explorer 40 2.44%
Edge 71 4.34%
Opera 78 4.76%
Safari 118 7.21%
UC Browser 3 0.18%
Other 41 2.50%

This week's front page poll.

I was looking back through the old official polls and came across this one -

It had the following results:

Chrome 836 20.55%
Firefox 2,373 58.33%
Internet Explorer 388 9.54%
Opera 213 5.24%
Safari 242 5.95%
Other 16 0.39%

I'm curious to see how much things have changed since 9 years (!) ago.

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Chrome (on my PC) > Safari (on my phone) > Firefox (use on PC sometimes)> Edge (use this on my XB1 sometimes, as well as for some extra MS rewards points) > PS4 Browser (very rarely use this on my PS4)

I don't see why anyone would use multiple. I use Opera.

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Chrome on PC and FreeAdBlock on mobile (which is a variation of Chrome).

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This "poll result" feature is pretty neat. It highlighted I chose Firefox 9 years ago.

Nowadays it is Chrome.

mZuzek said:
I don't see why anyone would use multiple. I use Opera.

you're thinking to be able to keep everything logged in on different sites, keep in mind there is a lot of people who do things like having a new amazon account every month to get free prime while keeping their main amazon account on their main browser... it's nuts to me but if you jump through a few hoops you can get things delivered a day faster for free!

for our fallen homie, Internet Explorer.... I'll always remember seeing clickbait celeb news on msn home before using you to download a better browser!

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I don't see "Incognito" in the options. That one's my favorite.

On desktop I use Chrome, mobile I use Opera Mini.

Firefox mostly. Google knows enough about me already :p
I use Chrome for Imgur since for some reason gifs won't upload there correctly with Firefox.