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Which Site Theme Do You Use?

Default Theme 202 19.57%
Dark Theme 136 13.18%
Blue Theme 27 2.62%
Wait, There Are Different Themes? 667 64.63%

This week's front page poll.

In large part this is a way to publicise the fact that we actually have different themes (thanks @TalonMan !), but I'm also a little curious to see the break-down.


For those picking the final option: you can change to a different theme by hovering over your avatar at the top right, then clicking settings. Site themes are at the top of the list on the settings page and can be selected via a drop-down box. To save your selection then click the 'Save Changes' button.

The Default and Dark themes are available to everyone, while the Blue theme is exclusive to supporters.

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Dark is the best


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cycycychris said:
Dark is the best

Blue is the best!

I use the default theme. I just tried the dark theme and it seems there are still some things that are quite light for a dark theme (such as this quick reply box I'm using to write this reply).

Dark theme and I love it.

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I'm using blue right now. But, that's really just because I set ut to blue to test it out when it was new. Now I'm used to it, and don't really have any interest in changing. While I found the dark mode to be interesting, I did not prefer it to the default. I only used it for a day or so before switching to blue though. If I had stuck with that, and gotten used to it, maybe it would be my preference now. But, I think I'll stick with blue for now, and maybe switch back to the default sometime.

I blue myself as soon as I had the option to do so. I'll go back to the others eventually, but it's my favorite.

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I've been using Dark, but I hope they do something with the comments on articles soon in dark mode, because you can't see them without highlighting the text.

Dark, though I'm curious about the Blue theme

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Blue because that is how i browsed vgc in the far far past!
Untill the orange black makeover urrrgh that one was horrible

Well worth the supporterfee

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