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Forums - Website Topics - Which Site Theme Do You Use?


Which Site Theme Do You Use?

Default Theme 202 19.57%
Dark Theme 136 13.18%
Blue Theme 27 2.62%
Wait, There Are Different Themes? 667 64.63%

I didn't even know (You can crucify me for my sinful ignorance if you want so :P )

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Mar1217 said:
I didn't even know (You can crucify me for my sinful ignorance if you want so :P )

You're definitely not alone - hence, the reason this poll was started... 


I haven't tried the dark one and, since I'm no supporter, I don't have the blue option.

Please excuse my bad English.

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Default. Didn't know that there were different themes until now. I just tried the dark one, but quickly went back to default.

I use Dark but I didn't even know we had the Blue theme, so I'll give that a whirl for a few days.


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shikamaru317 said:
I've been using Dark, but I hope they do something with the comments on articles soon in dark mode, because you can't see them without highlighting the text.

Also, quoting someone with a different theme seems to break the post into the different modes, which can become very irritating, and the reason I went back to the default theme

I use dark on everything, so naturally here too. I can't see some comments without highlighting (in articles etc.) and can't see the scores I'm giving my games on my profile, but it's worth it.


It’s just better. And more comfortable to look at. Dark things are better. Dark themes, dark chocolate..

default to stubborn to change. got used to this one lol.



Dark theme. I prefer dark themes whenever they are available so I'm grateful you guys made this an option.