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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will we ever get another 98/100 game on Metacritic?


Will we ever get another 98+ game on Metacritic?

Yes 24 47.06%
No 27 52.94%

Most likely not, hitting a 97 requires a lot of luck as well as quality. Heck only a few gaming brands actually reach a 97, Nintendo, Microsoft, Rockstar, Rare and Namco. I through Valve hit it with Half Life 1 and 2 but just looking them up again those games only sit on 96 and not 97.. I swear someone changed that figure. Anyway forgive me for missing a few others. I cannot see a game coming out surpassing 97+ unless the game is restricted by the amount of reviewers. That's the issue with modern gaming, too many Reviewers and GOTY awards. 

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JRPGfan said:

Critics are much harsher this gen than last imo.
Also theres more fanboyism in it (critics are humans too), its not a perfect system.
Reviewers that favor xbox will purposefully prevent something like that from happending, and maybe also the other way around.

I guess maybe a 3rd party at some point, makes a multiplat thats just insane enough to pull it off..... but honest dont see it as something happending soon if ever again.

I'm curious how true this is. I wouldn't expect there to be much bias when it comes to critics, who, for the most part are adults that review games for a living. That sort of behavior seems to be overrepresented here on VGC, where certain members physical well-being is impacted based on the performance of their company of choice.

A good enough game could surely reach a 98 on MC again.

Maybe Death Stranding has a chance for that

Breath of the Wild was 98 before Jim Sterling and Slant happened.
At the very least, it shows it's in the realm of possibility.


4 ≈ One

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pikashoe said:
If red dead 2 can get 97 then anything is possible.

RDR2 Really deserve it

vivster said:
No, because Jim Sterling.

^This, that fat piece of shit.

Anything is possible, just needs a perfect storm to make it happen. I personally feel like breath of the wild had the best shot at making it. It’s really hard with the amount of reviewers now though, it’s crazy.

Mr.Joker said:
pikashoe said:
If red dead 2 can get 97 then anything is possible.

RDR2 Really deserve it

Nah. Bad gunplay, ridiculously repetitive and restrictive missions, poor fast travel options and chapter 5 are enough to drag it down a point or two.

No because the are outlets that will throw out a low score just for clicks I saw one give KH3 something like a 3 or 4 out of 10, tbh the whole scoring system should be changed and we should just have verdicts like Bad/Average/Good.