Forums - Gaming Discussion - Civilization VI on Switch excedded sales target; Take Two plans more support for the Switch

What if their expectation was 100 units and it sold 157?

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Jumpin said:
What if their expectation was 100 units and it sold 157?

A win is a win.

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Been on the fence on it, but glad it is doing well enough for Take Two to be reminded to do their job and put stuff on a system.

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Interesting to their next announcements for Switch.

Good to hear, I hope they end up porting Outer Worlds to Switch, it looks so promising.


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They should have said they were investigating. You always have to investigate first!  Maybe the investigation is over?  Release more phone ports!

Take two have some games I'd definitely be interested in, unfortunately for me Civ wasn't one of them, but really awesome to hear others picked it up and we could see more titles in the works for the little machine.

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Jumpin said:
What if their expectation was 100 units and it sold 157?

Then it did amazing!!!

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I really wished that added the latest expansions to the Switch already. I am pretty sure there a lot of people who are like me who are waiting for it.

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I want to get it, but I'm afraid that the letter font size might be too small in portable mode. Can anyone confirm how is it?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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