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Forums - Sony Discussion - What Is Sony Up To? 2019 Prediction

KingofTrolls said:
22 December is 25 anniversary for Playstation, I bet they will show PS5 there.

Yep, it might happen, seriously.

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Nate4Drake said:
KingofTrolls said:
22 December is 25 anniversary for Playstation, I bet they will show PS5 there.

Yep, it might happen, seriously.

I can only see this happening if PS5 is launching around March, but I doubt it. If PS5 is going to launch June to Dec 2020, then they might as well officially have another PS (anniversary) meeting in Feb again and allow for one more non disrupted PS4 holiday season. If PS were going to do some kind of announcement event for a March launch, I would think it would be around Sept again like Pro was. Early enough before the holiday season to let people decide before buying (even more so) into the PS4 ecosystem. I can't help but think there would be a higher than normal amount of upset people, if only days before xmas PS was to announce PS5, coming soon, only to discover you've already wrapped or end up opening a PS4. Most buying or receiving a PS4 now aren't your typical day 1 type of buyers, but that doesn't tend to change the complaining that happens to erupt regardless.

Zombie9ers said:

Sony will then make a permanent price cut to the PS4 to $249 - making it more competitive with the Switch throughout the year.

I think The Last of Us: Part II will come out in the fall to both critical and commercial acclaim.  Sony will then bundle it at that sweet $199 price point from Black Friday through Christmas- helping the PS4 to have its best holiday period to date.

What do you think? Will Sony officially announce the PS5 this year? Could The Last Of Us: Part II release this year? Share your comments / predictions below!

i doubt they do 2 prices cuts this year (even if one is only promotional period). I also highly doubt they show off a PS5 for early next year with TloU2 and then try to sell TloU2 on cheap PS4s. That game will sell consoles without the price cut. If anything, there is a single price cut with Black Friday being game bundles. That means Sony loses less money yet the value proposition still exists.

KingofTrolls said:
22 December is 25 anniversary for Playstation, I bet they will show PS5 there.

No they wont. That is a horrible time to show off the PS5.

deskpro2k3 said:
Is there PSX 2019 or no?

Wait until November

I think Sony will announce the PS5 this year. It will launch either late this year or early 2020.

For PS4, one thing is for certain, it finally gets cut to $249, at least. This Sept will be 3 years since the PS4 has had a permanent cut, so it is overdue. It will definitely have the same $199 deal at BF, though I'm not sure what game will come with it. Either TLOU 2, Days Gone, or they may do two games, like Spider-Man and GOW.

For PS5, I think there are really only two possibilities. They announce it early this year, or possibly around E3, with their own press conference, and it launches late this year. This is definitely a possibility, considering the next COD was being called "next gen" in a recent job listing. Or they will announce it at PSX this year, around Dec, to mark Playstation's 25th anniversary. This would mean a launch sometime in 2020. There will definitely be a PSVR 2.0. And all signs point to PS4 B/C, though given some statements from Sony, I think they will make it B/C with all previous PS consoles. Can't have all of those classics just sit in the store, with no one to buy them or nothing to play them on.

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Great info and insight. I am liking this forum

PSX in December announcing the PS5 with the full reveal in February and launch in Summer of 2020. That's a possibility.

Keeping slient on PS5 until MS gives away there XB2 plans.
Days Gone and Concrete Genie definite 2019 releases however i see TLOU2, Ghosts and Death Stranding to be 2020 starters.
PSNow expansions and there Exit from E3 we already know about.
PS VR 2.0 maybe a bundle for PS5 news.

Other than that.. not to sure what suprises they have this year.

I really don't think Sony has much planned this year besides the stuff we already know. I think their focus behind the scenes now is gearing for PS5. Which honestly makes more sense. I'd try to get TLOU2 and Death Stranding at as launch day and launch windows title for PS5

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