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Is this Rumor true?

Eh? 7 33.33%
Maybe 5 23.81%
Yes 4 19.05%
Hell No 5 23.81%

I don't think i believe anything relating to Arkham-leaks anymore

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Great to hear the development of a AAA game is in crisis in name only for once.

Cant say im excited or impressed by what I read, but I'll wait to see if its real and what they have to show for the game play.

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Xxain said:

Such annoyance to get 100%

This would be very sweet if true.

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zorg1000 said:
Is it supposedly by Rocksteady (Asylum/City/Knight) or WB Montreal (Origins)?

I believe a separate rumor that I don't remember what the source of it was has it as WB Montreal making a Batman game. I don't see a studio listed in the original source.


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Not sure if I buy this. Seems too detailed for a leak.

If it happens, it happens. If not, oh well. I'm not immediately clamoring for a new Batman Arkham game. Although if this is true, THANK GOD! No more Riddler trophies. Fuck the Riddler crap. Seriously, that was easily the worst part of every Arkham game. Much like the Screwball challenges in Spider-Man.

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After what happened with the last Batman game on PC, nah, I'm good. Besides, WB is greedy enough that they will definitely consider making it exclusive to Epic's store, so sod that entirely.


shikamaru317 said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
A two year development window, but 1.7 times bigger than GTA and with side-quests that are supposedly "3 hours long"?

This will either be the most barren open-world game or there's going to be a ton of new ways to riddle (heh) the world with low-effort content. I guess that's pretty standard for open world games, though. I really don't think this would be a big game of the year contender, at least based on the rumor thus far. But we'll see, hopefully it's at least more interesting than the past two games.

Yeah, this seems fake to me. A map that size would be stupidly big for a game with a 12 hour main story, unless they fill it with loads of repetitive side content. They think they can win GOTY 2019 with a game like that? 

Batman Arkham games don't have repetitive side content, so why would they do it with this game in particular? Curiously have you not played them?

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
zorg1000 said:

It says over 2 years and I'm assuming that's as of now so with an Oct/Nov release that's about 3 years. It also says EACH side quest is 3 hours of story.

I was expecting it may be as of now as well, but even then I question how great of a game they can make in that time frame with goals as ambitious as are currently speculated. 

I know that it says 3 hours of story for each side quest. The reason I said it would be barren is because side-quests which are as long as 3 hours require a lot of time to make, especially if they use that length appropriately and don't pad it out. I don't think they would be able to make a lot of side-quests under those conditions, even in the span of three years and with a large staff. With an open world that's 1.7 times bigger than GTAV's, that means that a lot of space is either A ) going to waste or B ) isn't being used to contain unique quests, but rather as a detour in the middle of said quest. I don't think either scenario is very charitable. 

If "over 2 years" is closer to 2 1/2 - 3 years, then I admit that my concerns might be a bit overblown. It's just speculation anyways

Arkham Knight has modern assets which they could use for the game. It would save tons of time and Arkham Knight is still among the best looking PS4 games so it shouldn't even be a problem.

Chazore said:
After what happened with the last Batman game on PC, nah, I'm good. Besides, WB is greedy enough that they will definitely consider making it exclusive to Epic's store, so sod that entirely.

Have fun missing out on amazing games because of platform bias. Also, its not like you pay any more for games on the Epic Store.