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5p Raven
4p Machina
3p Outlaw
2p OTB
1p Rol

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This is a pretty brutal round to get drafted into. Thanks for the inclusion, and I know that this round is easily the best.

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4p Rol
3p raven
2p outlaw
1p machina

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5p - outlawauron
4p - Machina
3p - Raven
2p - OTBWY
1p - RolStoppable

4p RolStoppable
3p Raven
2p Machina
1p outlawauron

Nothing to see here, move along

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5p - OTBWY
4p - Raven
3p - outlawauron
2p - RolStoppable
1p - Machina

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5p - OTBWY
4p - Raven
3p - Machina
2p - outlawauron
1p - Rol


5p - OTBWY
4p - Raven
3p - Rolstoppable
2p - Machina
1p - Outlawauron

Everyone in this round is great :/ My top 3 spots were hard.

5p Raven
4p Outlaw
3p Machina
1p Rol

5p - OTB
4p - Raven
3p - Rol
2p - Outlauron
1p - Machina (nothing against you, just don't wanna be copying Alchy :p)

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