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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2018 - Stage 1 - Round 9

5p. Machina
4p. Raven
3p. Rol
2p. outlawauron

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5p - OTB
4p - Outlaw
3p - Raven
2p - Rol
1p - Machina

NNID: Zephyr25 / PSN: Zephyr--25 / Switch: SW-4450-3680-7334

5p - Machina
4p - Outlawauron
3p - OTBWY
2p - Raven
1p - RolStoppable

5p Raven
4p Outlaw
3p OTB
2p Rol
1p Machina

5p outlaw
3p Raven
2p Machina
1p Rol

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5p - Raven
4p - OTBWY
3p - Machina
2p - outlawauron
1p - RolStoppable

--::{PC Gaming Master Race}::--

5p RolStoppable
4p outlawauron
3p Machina
1p Raven

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

5p Raven
4p Machina
3p Outlaw
2p OTB
1p Rol

NND: 0047-7271-7918 | XBL: Nights illusion | PSN: GameNChick

5p Rol
4p OTB
3p Raven
2p Machina
1p Outlaw

5p Machina
4p Raven
3p Outlaw
2p OTB (sorry, as I've said - you too, happen to be in a crap round)
1p Rol (the crappiest of rounds to be in - sucks, I know)