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John2290 said:
 there is a short ass tether to your party

There was one moment when I was in freeplay that it said. "You are leaving the mission area, returning to your party." I wasn't doing a mission or in a party. Confused me.

Hmm, pie.

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no thanks

Went for a 2nd run, still don't like it. Deleted the demo….
Well, that's that. Moving on.

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Peh said:

Combat is just holding the shooting button and occasionally throw a grenade or shoot rockets, that's it.

This has mostly been my experience in the first couple hours as well. The core combat is pretty basic and unengaging. Enemies don't do anything interesting; you just move to avoid getting overwhelmed and keep shooting.

I just unlocked the Interceptor though, so I'll give that a chance before I write the game off.

Played it with friends last night.

I'm really not a fan of EA as a company, and am still waiting for what they will inevitably do to cause controversy with Anthem.....but I really like this game.

There's some hiccups in terms of framerate slowdowns and online connectivity, but the core gameplay with the mechs and your squad basically makes this a better Destiny in my eyes.

So, I walked away impressed but I also had low expectations going in. I might get it but probably not as a day 1 purchase.

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Are some of you who played the Anthem demo also familiar with Warframe? I'm currently playing Warframe and heard a lot comparisons between it and destiny and now I wonder how Anthem is compared to Warframe especially when it comes to mission desing and combat.

trasharmdsister12 said:
Pemalite said:
Not really a good sign for Anthem I guess... I think Bioware needed it to be a knockout success... But I have absolutely no enthusiasm for the title at this stage.

Anyone take any screen grabs with settings dialed up?

Here are some images I captured this morning at 1080p max settings on PC. I forgot to enable DSR for 1440p or 4K but if you'd like higher res let me know and I'll go back and take some.


) or if it'll feel fair and fun (a la Monster Hunter).

EDIT: Also the world is pretty void of life and is largely uninteresting but maybe that's just the demo? I'll have to wait for full impressions once the game out but as it is right now, I'm going to pass until a year in and see what the state of the game is. 

Yeah. She seems pretty desolate.
It also feels like the visuals have been paired back, I was more impressed with the E3 demo from donkey's ago... Especially some of the lighting effects.

Some of the foliage looks out of place.

I guess we are at the limits of current generation consoles to really be "wowed" by visuals I guess.
Didn't really have the time to grab the demo and give it a whirl, hopefully next time. But cheers!

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Just tried it now after it spent the day downloading. I've been wary of the title due to EAs track-record but I still feel I need to try it.

Very awkward first impressions. Just plonks you straight in, no tutorial it get you up to speed. I'm pretty sure other demo do this, but in ones like Halo, its a safe bet it the diehards: who will be playing, who know the series inside out so a tutorial is unnecessary. But this is a new IP so it needs to get you invested. It points you in the direction of a mission and after some inane dialogue that you aren't invested in you are pointed to you 'javelin'. This could be an epic intro moment, but no you just hop in and screen cuts to black. Into a session and off you go.

Now heres a problems. I'm in a matchmaking session with other players, all off whom immediately fly off. However, no tutorial somI don't know how to do that. The menu doesn't even show the control layout. The basic controls I can guess instinctively, but the mechanic that is shown so often in marketing so lost to me. I go through the buttons but nothing. Also, the lack of any intro/tutorial means the ingame chatter in meaningless to me., so Im not sure and dont care about the enemies I'm up against. Destiny 2's demo had a similar effect on me, but it at least established a narrative of what was going on, giving me a steer of what was important in the world.

Also found the image was too large for my TV screen with no way to adjust it. Only slightly but still looks irritating when text goes off the edge of the screen.

So not the best first impressions. I will try again either later or tomorrow but definitely doesn't seem like a game I'll be rushing out to buy.

EDIT: so found the controller map ingame and worked out how to fly. May be more of hinderance than a help though, and definitely something you need practice at. This is another area where a tutorial would have come handy. So far the gameplay depth isn't wining me over. Difficulty, as suggested in a few YouTube videos I've seen, is determined by number of enemies and their health in particular. Just having a load of enemies with massive health bar is rather shallow and boring in terms of design. Also, a fair few enemies just suddenly disappear midbattle. Seems that a rather annoying glitch, plus could seem the animation showing the environmental effect of a teammate flying over water but no visible teammate.

Oh, and I forgot to mention before that, as expected, the world design and graphics are pretty bland and generic fom what I've seen. And also unsurprisingly the graphics are way down on what was shown in all the gameplay trailers.

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This sounds like it might turn out like another game that behaves more or less like a dud at release, with complaints about uninspired design, unfulfilled promises and shallow content, which then gets a real upturn due to proper developer efforts and become a fairly good game, but will have by then been forgotten and/or ignored by the vast majority of its hypothetical customer base.

Or something like that.

MrWayne said:
Are some of you who played the Anthem demo also familiar with Warframe? I'm currently playing Warframe and heard a lot comparisons between it and destiny and now I wonder how Anthem is compared to Warframe especially when it comes to mission desing and combat.

There are parallels but I wouldn't draw to heavily on them, it's more Destiny with third person and flight with aesthetics of Warframe. Well, actually, the customisation is is very warframe that's for sure but I'd reckon people are drawing the comparisons more from aesthetics than much else. Think Destiny witha a Warframe coat of paint and full on superhero flight with a stamina bar. 


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