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Forums - NSFW Discussion - What is Porking?


What is porking

Anal sex 1 2.22%
Any kind of sex 37 82.22%
Any contest to have sex w... 5 11.11%
Other (please state) 2 4.44%

I thought porking was fucking a fatty.

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So, fucking girls with no strings. Hmmm... I figured it would be funnier if it was something like this.

A short play: Porking on a Friday Night
Guy 1: I’m fucking bored, anyone got ideas?
Guy 2: Yeah, let’s go out porking tonight! Always a fun time!
Guy 3: I can bring my weighing scale if you hook us up with the hotel room.
Guy 1: So tonight is not just the total number like last time?
Guy 3: We can do that! But if you can get her on the scale, largest whale harpooned gets the victory!
Guy 2: wanna put some cash in the pot?
Guy 1: How about drugs?
Guy 2: Yeah! Drugs are so fucking cool! Awesome all set!

Porking: when bros get together form an immoral contest, usually over a prize of drugs, to see how many fat women they can fuck in a night, bonus point for whoever weighs in the heaviest.

Guy 3: And the losers spitroast the biggest weigh in! Whoever actually accepts such a humiliation wouldn’t have an issue.
Guy 1: The third videotapes and outs it up on pornhub. Go to this thread to get a free username:

Guy2: We really are going to hell for this, aren’t we?

Guy1: Yup, Stealing’s a sin

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kirby007 said:

Hold on you pleb that is just a normal towerbridge

Ever heard of synonyms?

It's a sexual act where both parties are only allowed wear a red bow tie and blue unbuttoned shirt, as well as the clothing for it to count as a full on porking when the man is about to cum he has to shoot onto his hand and then rub it across her face while stuttering "THATS ALL FOLKS"

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it's a practice in which you hit a wall mutliple times with your whip until you find a piece of pork dropped by ancient romanian constructor.

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When in doubt, ask the dictionary.

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I heard that shit when I first started playing CS:GO a few years back (Haven't heard it much since), and I always assumed it was just another fancy high class way of saying "having sex". I don't think it has any other deeper meaning than that.
Choking the chicken doesn't necessarily mean you're literally choking your dick, just another fancy high class way of saying "masturbating".

But it's always fun to discuss this stuff and to learn that some people associate that word with "going down on a fat bitch" (Pretty weird to want to do that tbh).

Similar to rogering someone.

Hmm, pie.

The Fury said:
Similar to rogering someone.



You know rogering is gonna be pretty messed up... I wouldn't be shocked if all parties didn't make it to the end alive.

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Just regular sex.

Pink sock on the other hand.... scared the hell out of me when someone told me.