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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Kingdom Hearts III is nearly upon us


Are you buying KH3?

Yes 21 50.00%
No 13 30.95%
Maybe 8 19.05%

Regardless of gameplay, I cannot indulge in a game with classic goofy Disney characters literally and figuratively.

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LivingMetal said:
Regardless of gameplay, I cannot indulge in a game with classic goofy Disney characters literally and figuratively.

You shouldn't juge a book by its cover!

Its just plain old fun... gameplay is good. Its worth a recammendation.

12.5 years, I've waited 12.5 years but I've not pre-ordered, not going to get day 1. I will get it but I'm not excited like I think I should be. Maybe I've outgrown it, or maybe the needless sequels and prequels have taken their toll.

Hmm, pie.

Considering how all over the place it is and how it's not available to me currently, no, I've no reason to buy it. I could consider it in the future, if SE ever decides to sell the trilogy on Steam (for a good price).

Got my copy pre-ordered and already installed. Can't wait.

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Have it pre-ordered so I'm kinda excited but I have my doubts whether this game delivers.

Also these YouTube recommendations are almost spoiling me with thumbnails and title descriptions like it's annoying. I don't even know why they're recommending me these videos when the only KH content I watch is face my fears.

12 years. Holy shit. Not into the franchise but it's pretty cool to see it finally releasing.

Reviews are out

melbye said:
Reviews are out

Wow, that's great for Kingdom Hearts. It seems like Nomura still has it on him.






Soriku said:
RolStoppable said:
To think that you argued about whether it would be a PS3 or Wii game and now it's a late release on the PS4. You've been waiting half of your life for this sequel.


Sad but true. I was like 12 and I'm 24 now.

melbye said:

I want to play it, but not without having the previous games and it just feels like such a tall mountain to climb at this point to play the whole franchise

This one has all the games.
The most essential ones story wise are Kingdom Hearts I, Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Birth By Sleep, and Dream Drop Distance.
But since the gameplay isn't too great in games like Chain of Memories for example, you can watch videos summarizing the story for some.
I'd say you can get by with just knowing the story for KH1, KH2 and Birth By Sleep, and then watch the secret endings for Coded and DDD on Youtube and you'll be pretty caught up.

If you want to focus on just playing the ones with the best gameplay (imo) then play KH2 and Birth By Sleep.

Victorlink87 said:
I have been waiting so long for KH3, so I am extremely excited for it! However, if it is bad then I probably won't trust Square enix much moving forward.

As a side note, something has always puzzeled me. Why don't these games come out on a Nintendo console? I mean rpgs typically do well as do games that appear to be for young audiences. KH fits both of those categories.

There are a bunch of them on Nintendo handhelds.

As for the home console entries, I'm guessing KH1 and KH2 weren't ported to Xbox or Gamecube because those systems didn't do so well, while PS2 was doing extremely well. After the success of 360, SE announced KH3 for the next Xbox system. As for WiiU and Switch, I imagine they'd probably be very difficult to port KH3 for with acceptable results. There's no way SE would prefer Microsoft over Nintendo for a game like this otherwise.

I suspect it will sell rather poorly on Xbox One, but I really hope I'm wrong.

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