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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do You Have a Preferred Launch Window for Games?


Your Favorite Time of Year to Have New Game Released?

Jan/Feb (Start the year off with a bang) 0 0%
Mar/April (After enough t... 3 18.75%
May/June (End of exams, time to celebrate) 1 6.25%
July/Aug (Screw the nice ... 1 6.25%
Sept/Oct (Back to school, back to gaming) 0 0%
Nov/Dec (All the big game... 1 6.25%
I do not care when a game releases 10 62.50%

ASAP! I don't like to wait. Except I very rarely buy games day 1 anymore so I'll probably be waiting anyway, but still the sooner it releases the sooner it will be on sale!